Unable to Convert to GPT to Install Windows 10 Home, What Should I Do?

I tried installing a fresh Windows 10. When trying to make a save location for Windows, I tried to put it in my NVME. However, I was given the 'cannot install as EFI disks have to be GPT. ' First, I tried to convert to GPT by command line, but there was an error. I tried to create one of size 5000. However, I was given the error that the disk has 'No usable free extent could be found.' The NVME has a space of 1.8TB currently. So I'm stuck on how to change my NVME to a GPT disk.

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Roxanne· Answered on Jul 31, 2023

It seems your NVME disk is incompatible with Windows 10. In other words, its format is unsuitable for Windows 10. I notice that you have tried many solutions, including creating the EFI partition and converting disks via the command line, but none works. In such a case, you must remove all the partitions to create the partition again so that Windows will automatically create the appropriate ESP for your disk. This passage will provide two solutions based on this problem.

The first solution is to use professional disk conversion software. EaseUS Partition Master is perfect for converting the disk to GPT without technical or complex steps. Still, ensure you have copied the sensitive data on the disk to a safe location.

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Here are the simple steps for using EaseUS Partition Master:

Step 1. Use the above button to download EaseUS Partition Master on your computer.

Step 2. Open the tool and choose the "Disk Converter" section, use "Convert MBR to GPT," and click "Next."

Step 3. Choose the original disk, and click "Convert" to execute.

After the above steps are finished, you should enable UEFI boot mode and reinstall Windows.

However, if you are familiar with the Windows built-in tools, you can turn to use Disk Management. Since it can only convert MBR to GPT when the disk is empty, so you need to delete all your reserved partitions, which can trigger Windows to recreate the partition with the proper format.

Important: Always do a complete data backup before the dangerous deletion.

Follow the steps to use Disk Management:

Step 1. Open "This PC" and head to "Disk Management."

Step 2. Right-click the volumes on your NVME disk and choose the "Delete Volume" option.

Step 3. When your MBR disk becomes empty, right-click it and select "Convert to GPT Disk."


The second solution suits experienced users, and it's not difficult to find that using EaseUS Partition Master can make your disk conversion process shorter and more accessible. I hope this post can meet your urgent demand.

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