Is It Possible to Fix Write-Protected Pen Drive Without Losing Data

When I was plugging my pen drive into my computer, it showed the message that the pen drive was write-protected. What should I do to fix the write-protected pen drive without losing data? Is it possible to achieve that? Can anyone provide some solutions for me? Thanks in advance.

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Roxanne· Answered on Apr 18, 2023

For your question, "Is it possible to fix a write-protected pen drive without losing data" my answer is "Yes."

Based on your description, it can be known that your pen drive has been in a state of written protection. In this condition, you can not make any changes to your pen drive, such as any modification or addition, because the state of write protection means that any data or files on the device are protected in a safe way, and anyone cannot delete or edit them.

There are some solutions for you to fix the write-protected pen drive error without losing data.

The first method is to use Windows Command Prompt to remove the write protection from your pen drive. If you are willing to challenge the little higher-leveled process, it's possible for you to remove over 90% write protection from the pen drive successfully. But you need to be careful to finish every step because any faulty operation will cause many issues to your computer.

Step 1. First, you need to search the command prompt in Windows and, as an administrator, run the program.

Step 2. Type each command line in the following, and each command should be with an Enter key.

  • diskpart
  • list disk
  • select disk # (# means the number of your pen drive)
  • attributes disk clear readonly

Step 3. After that, you'll see the message "Disk attribute cleared successfully." Type exit.

Following the above steps, your pen drive will be removed from the write protection without losing data. However, this method is a little complicated for users. If you do not think yourself a pro-computer user and you're not familiar with command lines, it is suggested that you try another simple method: to use a third-party tool: EaseUS Partition Master. This software will help you remove the write protection for your pen drive in a quick and easy way.

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Here is how to do it:

Step 1. Download the EaseUS Partition Master, and install it.

Step 2. Enter the Toolkit section, and click "Write Protection."

Step 3. Select your write-protected pen drive, and click "Disable."

When finishing the above steps, your pen drive is believed to be removed from the write protection. In fact, the EaseUS Partition Master is also helpful in other aspects, such as :

In brief, the EaseUS Partition Master can not only remove write protection for pen drives but also help users remove write protection on SD cards, USB flash drives, and other devices. Therefore, it is a good option for you to fix the write-protected pen drive without losing data. Now you can try to remove the write protection for your pen drive.

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