How Do I Combine Unallocated Partitions

Is there any program that will enable me to combine unallocated partitions? Windows Disk Management won't let me do that. Why and how to fix it?

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Roxanne· Answered on Mar 26, 2024

Generally, users would create multiple partitions on their hard drives. Thus, combining unallocated partitions is vital, especially when the C drive is out of space. However, Windows Disk Management won't allow users to merge non-adjacent partitions. Also, to merge unallocated partitions in Disk Management, you should delete one of the partitions to extend another.

Luckily, EaseUS Partition Master Professional will get you covered. This powerful tool can break the restrictions and merge separate parts without losing data. If you have a third partition in the middle of two unallocated space, you can follow this tutorial to merge partitions securely:

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Step 1. In Partition Manager, right-click the partition you want to remain and select "Merge."

Step 2. Locate and choose the target partition you want to combine and click "OK."

Step 3. To merge the non-adjacent partition into the target partition you want to keep, select it and click "OK."

Step 4. Click "Apply" after selecting the "Execute Task" button.

Then, restart your computer to see if these changes are applied. Furthermore, you can check this post and learn how to merge two adjacent partitions via the Windows disk manager:

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