Fixed: Convert Main Disk from MBR to GPT

I'm trying to upgrade my Operating System from Windows 10 to 11. But I failed because my drive is an MBR. I can't convert it to GPT because the drive has multiple partitions, which Windows 10 created as system-reserved. Can someone provide some next steps? Thanks!

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Roxanne· Answered on Apr 24, 2023

Before responding to your query, let's start with a quick overview of MBR and GPT. MBR is a particular boot sector at the beginning of the partitions of a computer, which usually works as the loader of the OS. GPT, which stands for GUID Partition, forms a part of the UEFI as a standard of HDD or SSD partition tables, etc. In addition, all Operating Systems support GPT, but only part of them can support MBR, such as Windows 10, 8.1, and 7. Therefore, to upgrade your Windows system from 10 to 11, you must first convert MBR to GPT. 

According to your description, you have tried some ways and failed because you have multiple partitions on your MBR. Whether you use the command lines or Disk Management, you must delete all these partitions, which can lead to severe data loss. Fortunately, this post will offer a 100% work solution without deleting multiple partitions. Continue to read and find detailed information:

Since you don't want to delete the system-reserved partitions, EaseUS Partition Master is a perfect choice for third-party software. Its disk conversion tool will meet your demand of converting MBR to GPT without deleting any partition. And EaseUS Partition Master has a user-friendly interface, which enables you to operate this process simply and safely.

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Follow the specific steps to use EaseUS Partition Master:

Step 1. Download and install EaseUS Partition Master on your PC.

Step 2. Find "Disk Converter" from the left panel, check the "Convert MBR to GPT," and click "Next."

Step 3. Select the target MBR disk, and click "Convert" to proceed.

After you finish the process, your MBR disk should be changed into GPT, and you can update your Operating System now.

Looking for more information about converting the main disk from MBR to GPT? Click the following link to see more:

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