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Top 5 ISO Burner for Windows 10 in 2024 [New Checklist]

Are you looking for a reliable ISO burner Windows 10? Congratulations! You have come to the right place. This article lists the top 8 Windows 10 ISO burner and their features. Choose one based on your needs.

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Updated by Roxanne on Jan 19, 2024
Written by Sherly

ISO burners are used for burning ISO files to DVD, CD, or Blu-ray discs. This article will discuss the five best ISO burning software for Windows 10. So, if you're looking for a simple yet efficient ISO burner, you're in the right place. You can refer to the table below for a general understanding of these 5 ISO burners for Windows 10:

Items Paid or Free Functions

EaseUS Partition Master

  • Paid
  • Burn ISO to USB/DVD/CD
  • Create bootable USB
  • Clone Windows 10/11/8/7 to another drive without reinstalling
  • Test HDD/SSD/USB/SD card speed
  • Check SSD/HDD health and temperature, etc.



Media Creation Tool

  • Free
  • Burn ISO only
  • Paid
  • Open, extract, burn ISO, etc.
  • Paid
  • Write/burn ISO image files, etc.
  • Paid
  • Format and create a bootable USB
  • Burn ISO, etc.

You are sure to have a brief understanding of the five ISO burners for Windows 10. However, what are their pros and cons? Which one should you choose? Continue to read and learn more about their features, pros, cons, target users, and reviews of them. 

Also, don't forget to share this list of ISO burner to help more of your friendsing burning their Windows ISO files to USB with ease:


Top 5 ISO Burners for Windows 10 in 2023

From the many options, EaseUS includes here 5 of the most popular and reliable ISO burner software. After in-depth analysis and research, we have prepared this compendium.

🥇1. EaseUS Partition Master

The reason why it is in the first place is that this EaseUS Partition Master allows you to burn ISO files to the USB drive no matter which Windows 10 version you are using or even Windows 11/8/7/XP/Vista. This tool does not require a certified USB stick as long as your USB has a 13 GB drive capacity. This tool can burn ISO to a USB efficiently since its interface is clear. What's more, this tool can help you pre-download the compatible Windows and create the ISO file in advance. If you don't have much experience, this tool helps a lot, and it's a nice choice for you. Besides, EaseUS Partition Master can create bootable USBs, format USBs, check USB speed, and more. 

Well, you can download this tool for free by clicking the button below:

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Windows 11/10/8/7100% Secure

easeus iso burner for windows 10

There is a table to help you learn more about the pros and cons of the free ISO burner:

Pros👍 Cons👎
  • Totally free
  • Easy to use with a clear interface
  • Doesn't require a certified USB
  • Widely compatible with all Windows versions
  • You need to download it

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Check the review to get more details:

Review from LifeWire: We also think the overall look and feel of EaseUS Partition Master Free makes whatever you're doing with your computer's partitions easy to understand and accomplish. 

Besides, the best Windows ISO burner can help you manage your USB or other storage devices well by doing the following tasks:

🥈2. Media Creation Tool

Windows Media Creation Tool developed by Microsoft allows you to easily install Windows 10 on your PC/laptop. It allows you to create your own bootable USB, and more importantly, it is able to detect compatible software versions to download the latest iOS image from Windows 10. However, the problem is that preparing for the burning process takes a long time. 

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Windows media creation tool

Anyway, let's see the pros and cons of the Media Creation Tool in the table:

Pros👍 Cons👎
  • Simple and easy user interface
  • Can create installation media for another PC
  • Enable users to install Windows 10 from bootable media
  • Slowed down the file flashing process
  • Preparation and installation take time
  • Windows only

#ISO Burner#Burn ISO#Windows

Check the review to get more details:

Review from Softpedia: Your computer must be connected to the Internet since all the installation files are downloaded from Microsoft. As you might imagine, its speed highly depends on the reliability of your Internet connection.

🥉3. PowerISO

PowerISO is a versatile CD/DVD/BD image file processing tool that allows you to open, extract, burn, create, and convert ISO files. It can handle almost all CD/DVD/BD image files, including ISO and BIN files. But during use, you need to pay attention to data security because Installer features adware.

poweriso interface

Here are the pros and cons of PowerISO; check them to learn more:

Pros👍 Cons👎
  • Very easy to configure
  • Ability to create bootable USB drives
  • Provides you with many additional features
  • Installer with adware/malware components
  • The free version cannot handle files larger than 300 MB
  • A bit outdated

#Burn ISO#ISO Burner#Windows

Read the content below to learn more about PowerISO:

Review from WindowsReport: Judging by the fact that it can run even on Windows 98 and requires 64MB RAM, you're probably in the clear. Everything should be fine if you don't have a DOS computer.

🏅4. Etcher

Etcher is also an open-source utility and can burn .iso and .img files in the operating system and make live SD cards and U disks. The software offers a powerful feature called Image Verification that verifies system images and removable drives before flashing. However, it may take up a lot of space on your hard drive. It is still a nice choice if you have enough storage space.

Etcher interface

Check the table to get details of this tool:

Pros👍 Cons👎
  • Free of charge
  • Fast and reliable software
  • Support operating system and system image
  • Possible loss of data
  • Take up more disk space


#Burn ISO#Windows ISO Burner#Burn ISO to USB

Here is a review of Etcher; read it to get more details.

Review from PassFab: For all of its advantages, balenaEtcher is something of a double-edged sword. It has its drawbacks.

🏅5. Rufus

Rufus is a powerful Windows program that can be installed on multiple operating systems on the same device. In addition, it allows you to store important Windows applications on a portable USB drive for easy access in case the living system fails in an emergency.

Using this tool, you can create a Windows 10 UEFI bootable USB drive from an ISO.

rufus ISO burner for Windows 10

Learn the advantages and disadvantages of Rufus in the table below:

Pros👍 Cons👎
  • Ease of use
  • Several advanced features
  • GPT/UEFI support
  • Automatic USB detection
  • This applies to Windows only
  • Only one distribution can be installed on a USB

#ISO Burner#Windows ISO Burner#Burn ISO to USB

We list a review to help you learn more about this tool below:

Review from SourceForge: Time and again, I have used Rufus to create bootable USB drives to install and live boot my favorite Linux flavors. I highly recommend this software if you want to create a bootable disk. It is simple and straight to the point. 

Do you like the five ISO burners for Windows 10 mentioned above? Then, share the article and let more users know about them.



In this article, we have learned about five ISO burners for Windows 10 and listed their advantages and disadvantages in detail. Most of them can burn Windows 11/10/8/7 ISO files. However, if you want your burning process to go smoothly, it is recommended to use EaseUS Partition Master. It can check compatibility and locate the right Windows version for you. Besides, it is multifunctional and can burn ISO to USB on Windows 10/11/8/7. 

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Windows 11/10/8/7100% Secure

ISO burner Windows 10 FAQ

Have you found an ideal ISO burner for Windows 10? Here are some other questions you may like to know. Check the answers below:

1. How to burn Windows 10 ISO files to USB?

Many users are troubled by how to burn Windows 10 to USB. Burning Windows 10 ISO files to a USB can be easy if you use EaseUS Partition Master. Follow the steps to try:

Step 1. Install EaseUS Partition Master; go to the Bootable Media part. Click 'Burn ISO' and choose 'Next.'

Step 2. Select the target ISO image you preloaded and click 'Open.'

Step 3. Choose your USB and click 'Burn' to start.

Step 4. Wait for the process to be done.

2. Which is the best and free ISO burner for USB?

There are multiple free ISO burners for a USB, like Rufus, PowerISO, and Etcher. However, if you want an ISO to USB burner that is widely compatible, free, and easy to use, EaseUS Partition Master is a good choice.

3. Does Windows 10 Have a built-in ISO burner?

Previous versions of the Windows operating system, such as Windows XP or Windows 7, had to use third-party software to burn the ISO file to a CD or DVD. But luckily, Windows 10 has its burner, Windows Disc Image Burner, which can burn regular data to CD as well as ISO files.

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