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Most of you might have heard of using Command Prompt or PowerShell to find specific Windows 10 product keys. Not only is it difficult, but it also takes considerable time. Instead, this article from EaseUS provides some essential product key finders for Windows 10 users. Go through the key finders in detail and learn the basics, which will help you select the best option.

  1. 1. EaseUS Key Finder
  2. 2. Lazesoft Windows Key Finder
  3. 3. Belarc Advisor
  4. 4. MyKeyFinder
  5. 5. Product Key Scanner
  6. 6. WinKeyFinder

Top 6 Product Key Finder for Windows 10 2024

As stated above, this article intends to discuss some top product key finders for Windows 10. We have enlisted six top-notch software for this purpose, which provide the best features in the market to help you discover your software or Windows product keys:

1. EaseUS Key Finder

This is the best option if you forgot your Windows 10 product key. EaseUS Key Finder is a renowned product key finder for Windows 10 that recovers and backs up your Windows product keys within the device. Unlike CMD or Powershell, EaseUS Key Finder can recover Windows product keys without any commands. Hence, for beginners, it's easy to use. Its compatibility is perfect and works well on Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP.

Besides, when changing your computer's hard drive, you will have to get hold of all activation keys. EaseUS Key Finder makes it easy to find everything with its state-of-the-art system.

  Free Download

Support Windows 11/10/8/7


⚒️Key Features

  • When performing a new Windows installation or transferring it to a new computer, EaseUS Key Finder makes it easy to locate.
  • The product key finder also supports discovering Office and Adobe software product keys. They can be exported or copied to a proper location conveniently.
  • All passwords saved on web browsers can be recovered with the help of this utility software.
  • You can also locate essential Wi-Fi passwords to save yourself from all the long procedures of recovering such passwords.
  • Find the Windows Server product key.


  • The platform supports the recovery of 10,000+ software product keys, which makes it a leading option.
  • All the retrieved activation keys can be easily backed up into a Text or PDF file, helping you keep all data safe.


  • You are provided with a restricted trial version, which does not allow you to use the software freely.

🧑‍💻User Review

"I have purchased several products from these guys starting from WAAAY back. Like maybe 15 years ago. They are the real deal, Long Term. I just contacted them because I lost the key and the program (data recovery), and they still had my records from about ten years ago and hooked me back up. These guys are AWESOME." - Trustpilot

  Free Download

Support Windows 11/10/8/7

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2. Lazesoft Windows Key Finder

This open-source product key finder for Windows 10 helps retrieve important product keys within a Windows device and keeps all retrieved content safe. It can copy and display Windows keys to the clipboard and allow you to print Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/2012 or Windows 7/8/10 product keys as well as all versions of Microsoft Office product keys. It will allow you to copy the recovered product key to the clipboard, save it to a file, and print it out for safekeeping.


Download Link: 

⚒️Key Features

  • The program is quick and easy to consume.
  • It supports Windows OS up to Windows 10.
  • You can find support till Microsoft Office 2016 in Lazesoft Windows Key Finder.
  • The tool is free to consume, making it a good key-finding utility.


  • Lazesoft Windows Key Finder is completely free to use to find product keys.
  • You can copy the product keys and save them across a safe file.


  • There is no dedicated support for Windows 11 users.
  • Lazesoft Windows Key Finder does not provide support for a variety of software utilities.

🧑‍💻User Review

"Pulls windows key no problem. The author says it will do Office 2013 keys, but it tested on seven machines and will only pull keys up to Office 2010. One star for not doing what it says." - SourceForge

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3. Belarc Advisor

Belarc Advisor is a different form of a product key finder for Windows devices. This platform provides a detailed profile of all installed software, hardware, and security threats. This profile provides details of product keys of Windows-associated devices.


Download Link: 

⚒️Key Features

  • Find details of Microsoft hotfixes, anti-virus statuses, and other benchmark details in its profile.
  • The software also operates across macOS, Linux, and Solaris, making it versatile.
  • Offers free service for personal utility among users.
  • The profile details provided are kept confidential to the user.


  • Belarc Advisor runs across all major Windows OS, including the latest Windows 11.
  • The profile details are extensive and display all major device issues.


  • The service cannot be used commercially, restricting its user audience.
  • Customers have reported issues about not getting any results for their computer devices.

🧑‍💻User Review

"Belarc Advisor provides detailed information on installed software and PC hardware specs. Also, it shows the license keys of the installed software. So it is easy for the system administrators to keep track of license keys. This is lightweight software, and we can run on any computer without issues." - G2

4. MyKeyFinder

Users who wish to get a premium experience in finding their product keys should use this product key finder for Windows 10. MyKeyFinder is among the finest product key finders that restore data within minutes. Upon launch, MyKeyFinder immediately begins its path to your PC and scans certain areas of the Windows registry. Then, it will show you all the product keys on a clean list.


Download Link: 

⚒️Key Features

  • You can utilize the variety of exporting options to save your product keys.
  • MyKeyFinder contains a search and filter function that is easy for the user to use.
  • This service also helps in scanning external hard drives.
  • If you are facing issues managing the software, dedicated email support is available.


  • MyKeyFinder removes all invalid product keys and avoids saving duplicates.
  • The overall interface of this tool is easy to understand.


  • There is not a comprehensive list of support available for software.
  • The premium version of MyKeyFinder is a little expensive.

🧑‍💻User Review

"MyKeyFinder is great. I can finally clean up all the scraps of paper with numbers written on them." - Abelssoft

5. Product Key Scanner

This unique product key finder for Windows 10 scans the Registry of the Windows device. It discovers and makes the entire scanning process look simple to execute. This service also helps search product keys in BIOS, making it unique. It scans the Windows operating system registry and finds product keys for Windows and other Microsoft products. You can scan the registry of the system you are currently running or from an external hard drive plugged into your computer.
When scanning the product key of the currently running system, you can also search for the product key stored in the BIOS and use WMI to search for the product key.


Download Link: 

⚒️Key Features

  • Product Key Scanner is available for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems.
  • You can also translate this service into other languages.
  • It is an entirely free service for finding product keys in Windows.
  • The service provides a dedicated "Copy Product Key" button for easy copying.


  • A sorting filter is available in this easy-to-use software.
  • It utilizes multiple scan methods, including Registry, BIOS, and WMI, for effective results.


  • The overall interface of the Product Key Scanner is outdated.
  • Product keys are located only if they are stored in the system.

🧑‍💻User Review

  • N/A

6. WinKeyFinder

This is another one-click solution that helps locate the product keys for your Windows and Office products. Win KeyFinder is a small product key finder for Windows 10 users that offers a freeware service to locate product keys from the Registry.


Download Link: 

⚒️Key Features

  • This service offers the option of saving product keys by encryption.
  • You can generate unique passwords with key code combinations.
  • It provides 64-bit and 32-bit OS, which extends its OS support.
  • Win KeyFinder also offers the option of viewing .NET product keys.


  • While many freeware software does not support MS Office product key finding, this service helps.
  • The overall application is stable and operates properly, as per user reviews.


  • Support for older Windows versions is ending for this product's key-finding service.
  • You will find various outdated options within this product key finder.

User Review

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Editor's Thought

To sum up, we have discussed the top 6 product key finders for Windows 10 available in the market. These tools are pretty easy for users who are uncomfortable using Command Prompt or PowerShell and can help you get the product key in no time. Out of these product key finders, we recommend you use EaseUS Key Finder for Windows.

It is quite advanced and has various advanced features other than finding the product key of your Windows. This tool can even help you recover serial numbers for 10000+ software and product keys from dead computers. Moreover, it is available as a portable version, so you can run it anywhere you want. Share this article to let more users know about these Windows 10 product key finder.


Apps to Find Windows 10 Product Key FAQs

How do you easily find your Windows 10 product key with a product key finder? Check the following questions to get more details.

1. How do you find the Windows 10 product key using CMD?

To find the Windows 10 product key using CMD, you have to execute the following instructions:

  1. 1. Launch the Command Prompt as admin by accessing the Windows Search feature.
  2. 2. Next, execute the "wmic path softwarelicensingservice get OA3xOriginalProductKey" command to get the Windows 10 product key.

2. Which is the best Product Key Finder for Windows 10?

EaseUS Key Finder is one of the best product key finders for Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7 because of its innovative features. It can also help you recover the password for Office and Adobe products.

3. Can a Windows 10 Product Key be found for free?

Yes, there are three ways to find the Windows 10 product key for free. One is through Command Prompt, and the other two include using PowerShell and Registry Editor.

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