Are 70 Degrees Celsius Too Hot for an SSD on a Gaming Laptop

Are 70 degrees too hot for an SSD on a gaming laptop? Is this normal when I play games on it? Or is there something I should be doing? This is the highest temperature I have when playing games. I'm afraid that this temperature will affect my computer's performance. Please help me.

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Sherly· Answered on Apr 18, 2024

SSDs typically operate between 30°C and 65°C. Depending on the usage of the SSD, you may experience temperatures above safe levels. There could be a number of reasons: heavy workload, lack of adequate airflow, heat from nearby components, and using a mediocre SSD. Especially when playing games on the computer, the SSD is prone to overheating.

If the temperature of an SSD exceeds 60 degrees, its performance will degrade rapidly; thermal throttling is the name given to this condition. So you can try the following ways to keep your SSD cool:

  • If you want to take your SSD to the next level and spend more money, then it's fine to have some airflow over it and then add more cooling fans, or you should keep it away from any overheating parts like the CPU or GPU.

Also, I have some ways to prevent SSD from overheating:

Keep your computer well-ventilated.

Don't place anything heavy on top of the laptop, and if you're concerned about the temperature, make sure you place the laptop on a flat surface, out of direct sunlight, or near anything that could cause heat damage.
And monitoring your SSD temperature regularly can effectively prevent SSD failure and data loss. For this reason, I recommend you use EaseUS Partition Master to check/monitor the SSD temperature. This tool can monitor the temperature of SSDs from all brands, and it can display the status of your hard drive. You can get to learn if your SSD is healthy or if it is going to die soon.

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Here is how:

Step 1. Locate the "Discovery" section, and click "Disk Health" to start.

Step 2. Choose the target SSD and click "Refresh" to check its temperature.

Hope my answer can remove your issue.

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