Will SSD Speed Affect Gaming, Help

I am considering buying an M.2 SSD. The cheapest I can find is Crucial P3 or WD Blac. Their speeds are 3500 vs. 7000. I use my computer for gaming. What difference does this speed make in gaming? Would I get a similar experience from a cheaper SSD or buy a high-end one?

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Cici· Answered on May 16, 2024

If you mean the effect of SSD speed vs. HDD speed on gaming, then yes. SSD speed affects gaming. Any basic SSD is an improvement over an HDD. SSD will perform better in booting your computer and loading games faster. 

Compared to HDD, SSD will be smoother in games and give you a better experience.

If you compare SSD with another SSD speed, such as SATA, M.2, and NVMe SSDs. The difference between them is very small, and there is not much difference in the gaming experience. In many cases, it may not get your attention.

In response, we have a dedicated article comparing the read speeds of various SSDs and providing gaming benchmark data for SSDs. If you want more detailed results, please check the further reading.

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Any SSD with speeds over 500m/s is considered a good SSDA. If you have the budget, PICe SSDs are a good choice. They have speeds up to 3000mb/s. NVMe SSDs are small, reliable, and have no heat issues. Ideal for those on a budget. Kingston NVMe is the Gen4 SSD that offers good value for money.

If you want to improve the SSD performance of test SSD speed, I highly recommend you use a professional tool - EaseUS Partition Master. It can help manage your SSD and improve your gaming experience.

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