Will Install an SSD Make My Computer Faster, Help

My old computer and the hard drive would make me lag and crash when playing games. I am planning to buy a new computer. If I get an SSD, will that make everything faster? I want to edit videos on my laptop without any problems. Thank you!

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Cici· Answered on Jul 31, 2023

This is a common question: Will an SSD make your computer faster?

Quick answer: Yes. When an SSD is used as a secondary drive, it will help your computer load applications and software faster. When the SSD is used as the primary drive, it can also make your laptop faster.

Detailed answer: To know if an SSD will make your computer faster, it is essential to understand why SSD will make it more quickly compared to an HDD and its benefits.

The significant benefit of upgrading from a hard drive to an SSD is its speed: HDDs range from 80MB/s to 160MB/s, while a standard SATA SSD offers speeds of 200 MB/s to 550 MB/s. Meanwhile, an NVMe M.2 SSD can deliver speeds over 5000 MB/s.

So clearly, SSDs can show you "instant boot" performance. It can reduce load times by up to 60%. You can also run multiple programs at the same time with no lag.

In addition, SSDs have no small moving parts. So it doesn't need much power, it's more energy efficient. And it brings a lower operating temperature, which makes it quieter and more enjoyable for the user.

In short, there are many advantages to installing an SSD on your computer. If your laptop is still an HDD, consider upgrading it to an SSD, which can help you find files faster by increasing the speed up to 6 times.

To complete the upgrade task, try EaseUS Partition Master to help you clone your HDD and upgrade to SSD.

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