Why NTFS Formmated Hard Drive Always Mounts with the File System FUSEBLK

Every time I mount my NTFS-formatted hard drive in centos 6.5, it always mounts with the file system 'FUSEBLK.' What's wrong? What is this FUSEBLK file system? Is it something akin to NTFS?

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Sherly· Answered on Dec 28, 2023

Take it easy first. Actually, you don't need to be so worried. It is not a problem at all. As far as I know, FUSEBLK is a block device that uses FUSE (file system in userspace). FUSE is a kind of software interface for Unix and Unix-like computer OS, and it lets non-privileged users create their own file systems while they don't need to edit kernel code. Many file system types like

FUSEBLK represents the file system in userspace blk being a block device or HDD. And it is used to mount NTFS partitions with read and write access for non-root users. NTFS represents New Technology File System and is the default file system of Windows. "FUSEBLK" is just how an NTFS partition is reported via the "mount" command, among others. This is how NTFS-3g operates. It is normal.

Hence, as long as you have permission to mount and access the device, it's OK, and you shouldn't worry about anything. Just add the appropriate line/s in fstab.

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