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How to Shrink Volume with Unmovable Files - 2 Ways

Do you wish to create a new space for better management but are facing issues due to unmovable files? Find out how to shrink volume with unmovable files using practical options.

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Updated on Jul 10, 2024

  1. Way 1. Shrink Volume with Unmovable Files Directly
  2. Way 2. Disable the Unmovable Files Manually

Computing devices are operated through a dedicated OS, which runs under a series of commands and directions. Windows offers a unique and user-friendly experience to every user from its startup, which is possible through specific defined actions. These built-in operations are stored across the C:/ drive of your computer in the form of unmovable folders.

If you have been facing issues managing your storage, you might look forward to shrinking volumes to avoid discrepancies. However, there's always a point from which it is not possible to shrink the device's volume. While many people believe it is impossible to shrink the volume with unmovable files, EaseUS has suggested ways to help users remedy this situation.

How to Shrink Volume With Unmovable Files

There are a few ways to look into how users can shrink volume with unmovable files. Firstly, you can consider using professional software to directly shrink your volume with no hindrance.

On the other hand, there's always a manual getaway by disabling such files and shrinking your volume. However, for explicit results, it is recommended that EaseUS Partition Master be used to execute such proactive tasks. Let's look into a couple of potential ways one can apply to shrink their volume:

Way 1. Shrink Volume with Unmovable Files Directly

Starting with the best option, EaseUS Partition Master Professional provides a direct way to shrink the volume of drives having unmovable files. This disk management utility comes with a variety of features to help users apply multiple changes using mere buttons. Instead of having extensive knowledge of disk partitions and management, you can utilize its easy-to-use features for making potential changes.

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Such is the case with shrinking volume with unmovable files using EaseUS Partition Master. This platform offers a "shrink volume" feature, which helps you create unallocated space for new drives. While protecting your unmovable files across the main drive of your Windows, you can easily make the required space with a few clicks.

For an idea of how EaseUS Partition Master makes the process easy to apply, look ahead into its comprehensive steps:

Step 1: Locate and select target partition to shrink

Go to the Partition Manager section, right-click on the partition that you want to shrink and select "Resize/Move".

Step 2: Adjust to shrink partition

Use your mouse to drag the end of the target partition to shrink partition space.

You can also adjust the partition size box to shrink the target partition. Once done, click "OK" to continue.

Step 3: Execute operation

Click the "Execute Task" button and "Apply" to keep all changes.

While EaseUS Partition Master offers several other functions to manage disks properly, you should consider this as an effective tool to download for Windows disk management. Especially when you are unable to shrink a volume, download it to help.

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Way 2. Disable the Unmovable Files Manually

Users who wish to utilize any other approach to shrink volume with unmovable files can consider going for manual settlements. There's a potential approach to disable the unmovable files across the C:/ drive and shrink the volume to create new spaces across the computer. For an idea of how this can be applied, look ahead to the steps to disable your unmovable files:

Step 1. To start off with the process, you need to disable the "hiberfil.sys" file across your drive. To do this, open the "Command Prompt" as an administrator and type "powercfg /hibernate off."

run cmd to disable unmovable files

Step 2. Another important file designated for system protection should be disabled for shrinking volume. Start the Run program using the "Windows + R" shortcut key. After typing "SystemPropertiesProtection.exe" across it, proceed to launch a new window. Select the C:/ drive and proceed with "Configure," continue enabling the checkbox across "Disable system protection" and apply it successfully. You will have to restart your computer to execute the task successfully.

Step 3. The Paging file is another option that needs to be disabled for the execution of this process. For that, open the Run program and provide the "systempropertiesadvanced.exe" prompt to open a new window. Under "Advanced," look for the "Performance" section and select "Settings" to open a new window.

disable system protection

Look for the "Change" button under the "Advanced" section here. Disable the prompt showing "Automatically manage paging file size for all drives" and continue to select "No paging file" to disable it successfully.

click no page files

Now, try shrinking the volume again. Do share it with your friends who are searching the ways to shrink volume with unmovable files.



This article has offered clear insights into the process of shrinking the volume of a Windows computer with unmovable files. While this process may seem difficult to many users, the utilization of EaseUS Partition Master has shown clear results with an easy process. If you are considering following multiple disk management operations, such as shrinking volume with unmovable files, this software is your go-to solution.

FAQs About How to Shrink Volume With Unmovable Files

If you wish to get a better idea of how to shrink volume with unmovable files beyond this article, look into these related questions:

1. What does shrink volume do in partitions?

What does shrink volume do? The use of "shrink volume" is necessary for reducing the size of the available partition. This initiates the process of decreasing the occupied space of a drive, creating an unallocated region for a new disk space.

2. Why the volume cannot be shrunk because the file system does not support it?

Potentially, Windows does not let you shrink the volume due to the presence of unmovable files at its end. It gets difficult to override the presence of such files, which can be processed by temporarily disabling them.

3. How to shrink a volume with unmovable files?

To shrink a volume with unmovable files, you could manually disable Hibernation, Page file, and System protection files, or use third-party partition manager that automatically moves the unmovable files.

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