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How to Create Hidden Partition on USB Drive [Step-by-step Guide]

Discover a practical approach with step-by-step instructions to create hidden partition on USB drive for discreet file storage. Secure your data and optimize storage effortlessly.

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Updated on Jun 29, 2024

Ever felt uneasy lending your USB drive to someone because it contains sensitive information? You're not alone! We've all been there - needing to share our drive with a colleague, friend, or family member but concerned about exposing our confidential files. Worry not! There's a simple solution: creating a hidden partition on your USB drive. This clever trick lets you store important files securely while sharing the rest of the drive without a care. By creating a hidden partition, you'll enjoy:

  • Privacy protection: Keep sensitive files hidden from prying eyes.
  • Data security: Minimize the risk of accidental exposure or deletion.
  • Organized storage: Keep your personal files separate from shared ones.

Follow this step-by-step guide on EaseUS to learn how to create a hidden partition on the USB drive and ensure your data remains private and secure.

How to Create Hidden Partition on USB Drive?

Here's how to create a hidden partition on your USB drive, giving you a secure space to store confidential files. Follow the methods below that best suit your comfort level.

Method 1. Use EaseUS Partition Master

For the quick and effortless creation of a hidden partition on your USB drive, EaseUS Partition Master Professional is the ideal solution! This powerful and user-friendly partition management tool caters to beginners and experts alike. With its intuitive interface and robust features, EaseUS Partition Master simplifies partition-related tasks and offers a convenient "hide partition" feature that requires just a few clicks. Hiding a partition has never been easier! Moreover, its comprehensive range of features ensures your data remains safe, secure, and well-organized, making partitioning tasks effortless.

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We recommend EaseUS Partition Master for creating hidden partitions because it is:

  • Simple, Easy, and Safe: Its user-friendly interface makes partitioning straightforward and secure.
  • Professional: It excels in solving issues related to disk partition.
  • User-Friendly: Ideal for non-technical users who need to manage their partitions without hassle.

The "hide partition" feature allows you to hide drives in Windows 10 or other operating systems. You can hide any partitions on your USB drive with just a few clicks. Simply choose the partition you want to hide, right-click it, and select the hide option.

You can follow the steps below:

Option 1 - Hide Partition

  • Right-click the partition, and choose "Advanced". Select "Hide" from the drop-down menu.
  • Then you will see a window showing the notification. Read the instructions and click "Yes" to continue.
  • Click the "Execute 1 Task(s)" button in the top-left corner. Then, click "Apply" to hide your partition.

Option 2 - Unhide Partition

  • Right-click the partition you want to view and access. choose "Advanced" and select "Unhide" from the drop-down menu.
  • Read the instructions and click "Yes" to continue.
  • Click the "Execute 1 Task(s)" button in the top-left corner. Check the pending operations, then click "Apply" to unhide the partition on Windows 11/10/8/7.

EaseUS Partition Master offers a variety of other useful features to manage your partitions, including:

  • Unhide Partition: Easily access your hidden partition whenever needed.
  • Resize Partition: Adjust the size of your partitions for optimal storage allocation.
  • Move Partition: Effortlessly relocate partitions on your drive without data loss.
  • Copy Partition:  Securely copy a hidden partition to another USB or drive.

We highly recommend downloading EaseUS Partition Master to manage your partitions efficiently and securely.

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Method 2. Use Diskpart

You can use the built-in Diskpart tool to create a hidden partition but this method requires a high level of technical proficiency. Only proceed if you are confident in your command line skills. Trying this method without sufficient expertise may result in errors or data loss.

Follow the steps to create a hidden partition on your USB drive:

Step 1. Open Command Prompt as an administrator.

Step 2. Type diskpart and press Enter.

Step 3. Enter list volume to display all volumes.

list partition cmd

Step 4. Select the volume you want to hide by typing select volume X (replace X with the volume number).

Step 5. Hide the partition by typing remove letter X (replace X with the drive letter).

remove letter cmd

Step 6. Whenever you want to unhide the hard disk partition, type select volume x and press Enter to select the hidden partition you want to show. To show hidden partition via command prompt,  type assign letter X (replace X with the drive letter) and press Enter.

Method 3. Use Disk Management

If you prefer using a graphical interface instead of command lines, Disk Management is a great alternative. This built-in Windows tool allows you to manage your partitions visually, making the process more intuitive and accessible.

Here's how you can use Disk Management to create a hidden partition on your USB drive:

Step 1. Right-click on the "Win + X" menu and click "Disk management" to open it.

Step 2. Right-click the partition you want to hide and choose "Change Drive Letter and Paths."

change drive letter

Step 3. In the "Change Drive Letter and Paths" dialog, click the "Remove" button.

remove drive letter

Step 4. Click "Yes" to confirm. This will remove the drive letter and hide the partition from view in File Explorer.

Step 5. If you want to make the hidden partition visible, simply follow the above steps and click the "Add" button.

add drive letter

Step 6. Choose "Assign the following drive letter" and choose a letter from the drop-down menu. Click "OK" to confirm. Once you've assigned a drive letter, the partition will become visible in File Explorer.

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Method 4. Use Local Group Policy Editor

You can also hide partitions through Local Group Policy Editor. This approach offers advanced configuration options, allowing you to hide partitions by yourself. If you're comfortable navigating through system settings, follow these steps to hide a partition using the Local Group Policy Editor:

Step 1. Type Edit group police in the Windows search box and click on it.

Step 2. Navigate through the policy folders in the left pane: User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components.

Step 3. Locate and click on "File Explorer" in the left pane.

Step 4. In the right pane, double-click the policy setting named "Hide these specified drives in My Computer."

hide files in local group policy editor

Step 5. A new window will appear. Select the "Enabled" button. Under "Options", choose the drive letter corresponding to the USB partition you want to hide. Click "OK" to save the changes. This will prevent the chosen drive letter from appearing in File Explorer.

hide partition using local group policy editor

Step 6. To unhide the hard disk partition, choose either "Not Configured" or "Disabled" and then click "OK."


Creating a hidden partition on your USB drive is an effective way to protect your sensitive data and maintain organized storage. There are several ways to create hidden partitions on USB drives. Using EaseUS Partition Master is the easiest and safest way to create and manage hidden partitions, with its user-friendly interface and robust features. It also offers the convenience of easily unhiding partitions when needed. This tool is highly recommended for both beginners and experts, allowing for simple partition hiding, resizing, moving, and formatting.

Download EaseUS Partition Master to ensure your data remains private, secure, and well-organized.

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FAQs About How to Create Hidden Partition on USB Drive

Do you have any queries about creating a hidden partition on your USB drive? Check out the FAQs below.

1. How to locate my hidden partition on HDD?

You can use partition management tools like EaseUS Partition Master or the built-in Disk Management tool in Windows. These tools allow you to view and manage all partitions, including hidden ones. In Disk Management, hidden partitions will appear without a drive letter.

2. How to copy hidden partition to another drive/USB?

The process of copying a hidden partition is similar to copying any other partition. However, you'll need to ensure the destination drive has sufficient space to accommodate the hidden partition's size.

3. How do I remove a hidden partition from a USB drive?

In Disk Management, locate the hidden partition, right-click it, and select "Delete Volume". Be sure to back up any important data before deleting the partition.

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