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NVMe Speed Test Tutorial on Windows [3 Efficient Ways]

Test NVMe speed on Windows is a great way to ensure it functions as planned. This post will teach you how to use the native tool and a third-party nvme speed test software with simple-to-follow steps.

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Updated on Apr 22, 2024

The read and write rates of hard disc drives (HDDs) and solid-state drives (SSDs), two storage devices used to store data like operating systems, files, and essential documents, are different. Using the Windows speed test to compare solid-state drives to hard disc drives will help you make an informed choice. To begin, we must ascertain the current velocity. 

A Windows check disc speed is required. The NVMe read and write speeds of your Windows disc may interest you. This post will teach you how to test NVMe speed with step-by-step guides.

How to Test NVMe Speed on Windows [Three Ways]

Knowing how to evaluate SSD speed in Windows and how to boost the SSD speed is crucial, as a slow SSD will result in a slow operating system. We provide three ways to clear everything up for you. This article provides you with professional NVMe SSD benchmark software. Let's take a look.

Way 1. Test NVMe SSD Speed via NMVe SSD Speed Test Software

With just one click, any Windows user may scan and test their disk's speed with the DiskMark tool in EaseUS Partition Master Free. This tool makes it easy to run speed tests without disturbing the normal work of your computer and without losing data. This is a very safe and reliable SSD benchmarking tool. It also provides ways to speed up your drives if you are having problems with slow speeds.

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Free download this powerful benchmark tool and test NVMe speed safely and quickly:

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Partition Master. And click the download button to activate the "DiskMark" feature under the "Discovery" section.

click the download button of diskmark

Step 2. Click on the drop-down box to choose the target drive, test data, and block size.

select a drive

Step 3. Once everything is configured, click "Start" to begin the disk test. Then, you can see the Sequential or Random read/write speed, I/O, and Delay data.

click start

After getting the NVMe speed test result, remember to export the report and compare if your NVMe SSD performance is above the average. Also, feel free to share this tutorial online to help more of your friends enjoy this free and easy feature to monitor SSD performance with ease:


Other Features Of EaseUS Partition Master: 

Whatever problems you meet, you can resort to EaseUS Partition Master, and don't hesitate to download it!

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Way 2. Run NVMe Speed Test via Task Manager

The SSD's performance can be tested using Windows' built-in utility, Task Manager. Follow these steps, and you will succeed: 

Step 1. Right-click the bottom Task Bar and select "Task-Manager" from the menu that appears. 

Step 2. Select "Performance" from the menu at the top of the window that just popped up. 

Step 3. Select the solid-state drive (SSD) from the left column to view read/write speeds.

check speed in task manager

Way 3. Test NVMe SSD Read and Write Speed via CMD

In Windows 11, 10, and 7, the Command Prompt is where you'll want to go to check your disc speeds. Here's how you can accomplish your goal: 

Step 1. Select Run as Administrator from the Start Menu search bar and type CMD. 

Step 2. Type winsat disk -drive c - into the command prompt, wait a few moments, and then examine the output to view the read/write speeds. 

check speed cmd

Checking SSD speed in cmd needs to avoid the wrong parameter errors. If you are unfamiliar with this tool, try EaseUS Partition Master.

Why Do I Need to Test NVMe Speed on Windows

Speed testing your NVMe drive on Windows is a great way to ensure it functions as planned. If your PC takes too long to boot up, needs to perform better in games, or is sluggish while transferring files, or you meet the NVMe SSD slow write speed issue, this can help you figure out what's wrong.

If you want to get the most out of your NVMe drive and ensure you're receiving the most remarkable performance possible, frequently checking the drive's performance is essential. And we also need to choose the most reliable tools to monitor the NVMe benchmark peformance - EaseUS Partition Master Free.

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Users can get precise data, including read and write speed, I/O speed, and delay speed.
It works for SATA SSDs, M.2 drives, and NVMe drives.
It will produce a test result report for users to save.
It has a simple interface and is suitable for all users.

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These hard disc drives (HDDs) and solid-state drives (SSDs) are crucial because they store the operating system that allows your computer to function. Your hard drive or solid-state drive (HDD/SSD) determines how quickly your computer can perform tasks. If they're sluggish, it won't matter how fast your processor is or how much memory your machine has. Therefore, test NVMe speed and boost it using the alternatives mentioned earlier. 

EaseUS Partition Master is the best quick and easy way to test NVMe speed. It will scan your device and provide a detailed report on its contents. If the NVMe speed is slow, it also offers solutions to improve NVMe speed. Moreover, you can also apply this software to test hard disk speed, USB drive, and removable device performane for free. 

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Don't hesitate to free download this powerful tool!

FAQs About Test NVMe Speed

Read the Frequently Asked Questions to clear up any remaining confusion if you're having trouble.

1. How fast should my NVMe be?

Some Gen 4 NVMe PCIe SSDs can achieve 7500 MB/s read/write speeds, making them among the fastest storage devices available. The test speed for NVMe SSDs is many times faster than even the best SATA SSDs (which top out at roughly 550 MB/s).

2. How do I test NVMe speed in Windows 11?

The built-in Windows 11 tool for checking disc speed: 

Step 1. Select Run as Administrator from the Start Menu search bar and type CMD. 

Step 2. Type winsat disk -drive c into the command prompt, wait a few moments, and then examine the output to view the read/write speeds.

3. How can I make NVMe run faster?

There are several ways to make NVMe run faster. Activating x4 bandwidth would boost NVMe performance at the expense of disabling SATA ports 5 and 6 is a good choice. And you can update your Windows to the latest version and increase C drive space via EaseUS Partition Master.

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