How to Transfer Files From New 3Ds Micro SD Card to Windows 10

I plan to transfer my data from 3Ds Micro SD Card to a computer running Windows 10. Because this SD card contains my very important game data. But I've encountered a problem. Whenever I drag files directly from the SD card to my computer, a pop-up window always blocks me. Any advice for me? Thank you so much.

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Sherly· Answered on Dec 21, 2023

Transferring game data from 3Ds to PC is very simple. Next, I will tell you two ways to transfer game files to your computer based on my experience. Windows 10 comes with a built-in tool, "File Explorer." Copy and paste files from the 3D SD card to a Windows 10 PC. Here is how:

Step 1. Connect the SD card to a Windows 10 PC and open File Explorer.

Step 2. Locate your 3D SD card and click it to open. 

Step 3. Find the file that you want to migrate. Drag it to the Desktop or anywhere you want.

As you can see, if you only have a single file that needs to be moved, this method is very simple. However, if you have a lot of files that need to be moved, especially if they are located in different folders, then you will need to use a third-party tool. I usually use EaseUS Todo PCTrans. It allows you to select multiple files from different folders for batch transfer when transferring files.

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Support Windows 11/10/8/7

Here is how:

Step 1. Create a backup file of the source SD card.

Launch EaseUS Todo PCTrans, navigate to the "Backup & Restore" mode, and click "Start." Select the items on the 3D SD card you want to transfer to your Windows 10 PC. Then, click back up and wait for a while.

Step 2. Restore the backup file on the destination Windows 10 PC.

Launch EaseUS Todo PCTrans again. This time, choose "Data Restore" under the Backup and Restore section and click "Next." Follow the on-screen prompts to finish the restore.

With only two steps, you can transfer all your files from the 3D SD card to your Windows 10 PC. Choose a way based on your needs. 

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