Fixes for An Error Occurred While PowerPoint Was Saving the File

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Do you know how to fix the "an error occurred while PowerPoint was saving the file" error? You won't be able to save a PowerPoint file after encountering one of the above-mentioned issues. So, it's important that you know how to fix this issue.

In this article, we're explaining the error in detail and how you can fix it.

Why Is My PowerPoint File Not Saving

Microsoft PowerPoint is a widely used software. People enjoy using PowerPoint files to share their ideas, goals, and information with others (also known as PPT files, with a .ppt extension).

However, you can get the message "an error occurred while PowerPoint was saving the file" when processing a PowerPoint file. There are several potential causes for the PowerPoint error:

  • Corrupted data
  • File system errors
  • Storing files in bad sectors
  • Using corrupted photos or other components in any slideshow

There might also be other causes, such as inappropriate PowerPoint application use, filenames being used, etc. The associated error messages typically appear as follows:

  • PowerPoint discovered an error that it couldn't fix. Presentations should be saved; then PowerPoint should be closed and restarted.
  • The file can not be saved because it was corrupt.
  • Currently, the filename is in use or not modifiable by PowerPoint.

Now, let's see how we can fix this error with the methods given below.

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How Do I Fix "An Error Occurred While PowerPoint Was Saving the File"

If you are facing the error and can't find an easy way to resolve it, you can go through this part of the article and get it fixed. The different fixes to solve the issue are as follows:

Now, let's start with the first fix. You will be happy to know a professional tool to help.

Fix 1. Check Bad Sectors

While PowerPoint was saving the file, a problem occurred. The PowerPoint file may not save due to a hard drive fault like bad sectors, and the hard drive itself may be damaged. Therefore, you can take specific actions to identify your hard drive's problems.

For instance, you can use EaseUS Partition Master Free to determine whether the hard drive contains bad sectors and check the problematic sections. In addition, this tool can manage partitions, recover partitions, and do other things.

So, download EaseUS Partition Master to see how it can fix the error for you.

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Step 1. Open EaseUS Partition Master. Right-click the disk that you want to check, and then click "Surface Test".

Step 2. The operation will be immediately performed and all bad sectors will be marked as red.

Fix 2. Check File System Error

File system errors could be blamed when a problem arose while PowerPoint saved the document. You may check for and fix file system errors with EaseUs Partition Master, and the process can be completed in a few clicks. Now, download it to check the file system error.

Step 1. Right-click the target partition that has a problem.

Step 2. Choose "Advanced" > "Check File System".

Step 3. Confirm if you want to hide the partition or not.

Step 4. In the Check File System window, check the "Try to fix errors if found" option.

Step 5. Click "Start" to check errors on your partition.

You see. It is a flexible and helpful program. EaseUS Partition Master can recover data, check for errors, and more. Let's see its other features:

If you are facing disk management issues or want to check your disk, download this tool.

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Fix 3. Save the File to a New PowerPoint (Save As)

Try saving your current PowerPoint presentation as a new presentation file if you are unable to save it.

Step 1. Make a blank presentation first.

Step 2. Then, save it as a tool to create a new presentation file by pasting the slide material from the previous presentation into the new one.

save as option

Step 3. Change the file extension last. PPT format should be used if PPTX doesn't work.

Fix 4. Sign out of Your Account in PowerPoint

To fix the issue, try signing out of the Account in PowerPoint. Here are some easy steps to follow;

Step 1. Select Account from the File menu in the left-hand corner in PowerPoint.

Step 2. Click the Signout icon to log out of your Microsoft account.

sign out powerpoint

Fix 5. Check if the File is Opened Somewhere Else

Verify if another program has opened the file. If so, close any applications utilizing the file before attempting to save the presentation in PowerPoint.

You can also try turning off the Preview Pane by opening the File Explorer and selecting the View tab. Some users have complained that the file opens in read-only mode when the Preview Pane is active.

preview pane of file explorer

Fix 6. Verify Your PowerPoint For Corrupted Slides/Images

It's a good idea to see which slides are causing the save function to fail when issues are saving a PowerPoint file. Specific charts or graphics can bring on this issue.

Before saving the file, remove all charts and graphics from any slide that cannot be copied and pasted to fix the "an error occurred when PowerPoint was saving the file pdf" error.

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Fix 7. Get Rid of ActiveMovie Control From Microsoft Visual Basic Userform

In your presentation, you must eliminate any Visual Basic UserForms containing ActiveMovie controls. Here are some steps to follow;

Step 1. Cancel when an error warning appears while saving the PowerPoint file.

Step 2. Select the Visual Basic Editor option under Tools, then press Macro. Choose UserForm with ActiveMovie control. 

Step 3. Click Yes in the dialogue box that asks whether you want to export UserForm before removing it. After choosing the Remove UserForm option from the File menu. Decide where to save the file after that.

remove activemovie control

Step 4. Return to the File menu and choose "Close and Return to Microsoft PowerPoint."

You can then attempt to save your PowerPoint and see if the error still exists. 

Fix 8. Repair Microsoft PowerPoint

The Microsoft PowerPoint application needs to be fixed if there are any issues. This is the guidance:

Step 1. To enter the Run dialogue, press the Win + R key. Then enter appwiz.cpl to launch Programs and Features.

Step 2. Look for the Microsoft Office or Microsoft 365 app in Programs and Features. Click Change, which is at the top of the list of programs, after choosing it.

Step 3. If the UAC asks you to continue, click Yes, select Quick Repair, and press Repair to put it into action.

quick repair powerpoint

Step 4. Hold off until the fix is complete. Restart your computer after that to make sure the issue has been resolved.

Fix 9. Reinstall PowerPoint Application

To resolve this issue, try reinstalling the PowerPoint application. Here are some steps;

Step 1. Open the control panel and choose "Programs". 

Step 2. Locate and pick the Microsoft Office app in the Apps & Features pane. Then select Uninstall from the menu. Click Uninstall on the confirmation screen that appears.


The nine fixes for "an error occurred when PowerPoint was saving the file" are shown in this article. You can explore each of these options separately.

After trying so many different approaches, you may have found a solution to your issue, and you may now know how to restore unsaved PowerPoint files.

If you like this article, you can share and post a comment below if you need assistance using EaseUs Partition Master or have any recommendations. 

FAQ About PowerPoint Can't Save File Error

Are you still facing an issue? You can go through the FAQ section to resolve other issues. Hope it can help.

1. How do I enable saving in PowerPoint? 

Select or navigate a folder, select File, then Save, enter a name you like for your presentation in the File name box, and then click Save.

2. Can you recover a corrupted PowerPoint File?

Yes, you can recover a corrupted PowerPoint file. Click the right mouse button on the hard drive that holds the damaged presentation. Select the Tools tab after choosing Properties. Select Check Now under Error-checking. Check the box next to resolve file system errors Automatically.

3. How do I save a PPTX File?

Select or navigate a folder, select File, then Save, enter a name you like for your presentation in the File name box, and then click Save. As you go, save your work. Often use Ctrl+S.

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