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PNG images get corrupted easily due to misoperations or other unexpected reasons. To bring the PNG images back to normal, you need to repair the corrupted .png files. We will present to you all the possible ways to recover PNG image files.

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How to Repair Corrupted PNG Files

When an image gets corrupted, you may wonder why the image shows altered colors and why my photos are half-grey. Sometimes, the PNG images become totally undisplayable. When you try to open it with an image editor, you will be prompted that the program cannot open the file. Generally, your PNG files may get corrupted in the following situations:

  • ⚠️An error occurs during the writing or reading of the data
  • ❌You don't allow the system to complete the tasks on your images
  • 🔌Your computer has an inconsistent power supply
  • 🗂️Data stored on a storage medium degrades

If your PNG image files are corrupted, don't worry. You can follow the methods below to repair your PNG, JPEG, and other image formats:

PNG Repair Solutions Editor's Review

⛑️Photo Repair Software

Apply photo repair software is the first choice when encountering PNG file corruption. Professional repair software will help you fix damaged PNG files quickly.

PNG Repair Online Tool

If you don't want to download third-party repair programs, choosing an online tool is preferred.

📒Change Your Photo Editor/Viewer

Sometimes, the chosen photo editor/viewer cannot open the PNG files, so you need to change another one.

🖼️Convert to Another Format

Converting the PNG file to JPG may help you solve the corruption issues.

Method 1. Repair Corrupted PNG with PNG Repair Tool

We are going to introduce the best photo repair software - EaseUS Fixo Photo Repair, which is the fastest way to get back your corrupted photos. Utilizing this .png fix tool, you can repair corrupted images as soon as possible.

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This repair software can help fix plenty of image problems, including can't open PNG files, PNG files showing up blank, half photos greyed out, etc. The following tutorial will guide you on corrupt image repair with EaseUS Fixo:

⭐Step 1. Install EaseUS Fixo Photo Repair on the computer

To safely download Fixo on your computer, please click the download button on this page or go to the official website. Find the installer in the File Explorer and double-click it, then you should click "Install Now".

install EaseUS Fixo

⭐Step 2. Add corrupted PNG files to repair

After installing the software, EaseUS Fixo will launch automatically. Move the pointer to the "Photo Repair" and click "Add Photos".

add PNG files in Fixo

⭐Step 3. Repair damaged PNG files

You can click the "Repair" button to fix the PNG file. You can also click "Repair All" to fix the whole list.

repair damaged PNG

⭐Step 4. Preview and save the repaired PNG images

After repair, you can click the eye icon to preview the repaired images. You may see more than one picture in the preview window, and you can choose the best one to save. To save time, you can click "Save All" to download these files altogether.

save repair PNG

If you think EaseUS Fixo is helpful, share this product and tutorial with more friends. And this repair tool has both Windows and macOS versions, you can also repair PNG on Mac!


Method 2. How to Repair Corrupted PNG Files Online

If downloading such a PNG fixer is not your first choice, you can repair the PNG in other formats using online image repair tools. Here are two online websites to repair PNG online.

Option 1. Repair Corrupted Images Using OfficeRecovery

This paid tool will help you repair corrupted image files online, including PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, and RAW files. 

Step 1. Go to visit the OfficeRecovery website on your computer.

Step 2. Click "Choose File" and then select the corrupted photos.

Step 3. Click "Secure Upload and Repair" to start restoring your photos.

Step 3. When it has been completed, click "Get the repaired file". Then, you need to buy the tool to get the full results.

Repair Corrupted PNG Files Online

Option 2. Repair Corrupted PNG Images Online with Compress Or Die

Here's another online repair tool that can help you repair corrupted PNG online:

Step 1. Go to the Compress or Die website on your computer.

Step 2. Click "Select File" and select your corrupted PNG picture.

upload PNG file

Step 3. On the new page, you'll see the result and also the repaired PNG image. Click "Download" to save the repaired PNG to your computer.

download repaired PNG files

Have you gotten the details of how to recover corrupted PNG images online for free? If neither of the two methods above works, you can try the following ways to perform PNG corrupted repair.

Method 3. Open the PNG File with Another Photo Editor

Sometimes, when you can't open an image file, it doesn't necessarily mean that your image is corrupted. It may be caused by the incompatibility between your file format and the photo editor. Thus, try to open your PNG files with alternative software. This is an easy solution you can try first without any hassle.

Normally, the Windows Photos app allows users to open PNG images, and this app is a built-in utility to help users view photos in Windows. You just need to right click the PNG file and choose to open with Photos.

open PNG with Windows Photos

Method 4. Convert the PNG Image to Another Format

Similarly, you can also convert the image from PNG to other common image formats like JPG to repair them. There are many image converters online you can use. You can search and apply the one you prefer to fix your corrupted images. Here, I recommend you try to make a copy of the corrupted PNG files and then convert these copies to have a try.

Sometimes, it will work to change the file extension from .png to .jpg. If this method doesn't work well, you can also use the online tool to convert the PNG image. We recommend the Adobe Express online tool.

You'll just need to click "Upload your photo", and a new window will open. Then, drag the PNG file to the box, and the image will be converted to JPG quickly. You can download it or open it with Adobe Express.

convert PNG to JPG

After reading all four methods, you have learned how to fix a corrupted PNG photo on the computer. Sharing this passage with more readers to help them solve the image corruption!


The Bottom Line

Whether your photos are corrupted or lost, it should remind you of the importance of data backup. If you have backed up your photos, you can directly restore these images when they get corrupted or lost, which will spare you lots of time. However, if you don't have backup files available, you can use the EaseUS Fixo Photo Repair or other online repair tools to restore your PNG images.

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PNG Image Repair FAQs

You can check more information about our topic in this part:

1. How do I repair a damaged PNG file?

You can repair a damaged PNG file with professional photo repair software or online tools. We recommend EaseUS Fixo Photo Repair. This software can help you deal with serious corruption problems, and you can apply advanced repair with a sample photo when the quick repair fails.

2. Why does a PNG image get corrupted?

PNG photos and other image files can get damaged for many reasons, such as incomplete download, computer viruses, and interrupted transmission.

3. How do I fix a blurry PNG?

For a blurry PNG, you should know the reason that causes the image to be blurry. You can try photo repair software if the file corruption causes the blur. If the edition causes the unclear of the PNG photo, you need to find an image editor to unblur the picture.

4. Can I recover a deleted PNG file?

Sure, it is not difficult to recover PNG files with professional PNG recovery software. You can download EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, and you'll not feel frustrated when you lose important images on any device.

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