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How to Unhide Folders Mac [macOS Ventura/Monterey Tips]

This article describes three methods for locating, displaying, and recovering hidden folders on a Mac. If you need to uncover certain hidden folders, just use these simple methods to find and make hidden folders appear on your Mac immediately.

Dany   |   Jun 05, 2023

Can't Empty Trash Because Disk Is Full | Fixed in 5 Solutions

When Mac users try to empty the Trash to delete something permanently, they may discover that they can't clear the Trash on Mac because the disk is entire. This essay focuses on the causes of this problem and how to overcome it in 5 ways.

Dany   |   Jun 01, 2023

Windows Update Error Code 0x80240020

Are you looking to get rid of the Windows Update Error Code 0x80240020? You've come to the right platform. Learn more by reading this guide in full!

Dany   |   Jun 01, 2023

How to Open Task Manager on Mac [Activity Monitor]

Are you thinking of how to open task manager on Mac? Keep reading this article to know more about ways to open task manager or activity monitor on Mac. Also, if data has lost while trying to open task manager, you can retrieve all these files quickly with the help of a professional data recovery wizard, i.e. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac.

Dany   |   Jun 01, 2023

How to Recover Data from M2 Chip Mac [2023 Guideline]

Are you seeking a complete approach to recover deleted or lost data from Macs equipped with the M2 chip? This page discusses six effective solutions for restoring data from an M2 chip Mac device and efficiently protecting your Mac data.

Dany   |   Jun 01, 2023

[Data Recovery] How to Recover from Formatted Encrypted Drive With Key

Even after formatting, you can still retrieve your data from the Bitlocker-protected data drive. You should first locate the Bitlocker password if you don't know it before using the data recovery software.

Dany   |   Jun 01, 2023

How to Repair Corrupted Files on Mac [macOS Ventura Applicable]

In this tutorial, we'll go over how to repair corrupt files on Mac. Learn everything there is to know about corrupted files, how to repair them quickly with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac, and further data security advice by reading on.

Dany   |   May 31, 2023

Accidentally Deleted Macintosh HD? 2023 Reasons and Fixes

Accidentally deleted Macintosh HD will erase all files saved on the drive and may render the Mac unbootable. Learn how to recover after inadvertently destroying a startup drive on a Mac in this post.

Dany   |   May 29, 2023

Mac Safe Mode | Boot Mac to Safe Mode in macOS 13/12/11 [ 2023 Guideline ]

This article explains what Mac Safe Mode is and how to boot a Mac in Safe Mode to fix start-up issues. Moreover, try a data recovery tool to restore and protect your data when the Mac Safe Mode not working.

Dany   |   May 29, 2023

How to Restart Windows 11 [Updated 2023]

Is your Windows PC Stuck? Are you not able to use the mouse? Is the Menu not responding? Then follow this easy guide on restoring Windows 11 in 7 ways. They come in handy in various situations and apply to power users, keyboard users, and more to make sure to restart Windows 11 completely.

Dany   |   May 29, 2023

Recover Files After Reinstalling macOS (macOS 14 Applicable)

Missing files due to reinstalling macOS is a typical case among Mac users. You can try professional data recovery software - EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac - or the manual approach given on this website to recover files after reinstalling macOS.

Dany   |   May 27, 2023

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