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Dany is an editor of EaseUS who lives and works in Chengdu, China. She focuses on writing articles about data recovery on Mac devices and PCs. She is devoted to improving her writing skills and enriching her professional knowledge. Dany also enjoys reading detective novels in her spare time.

Dany was an English teacher before, and she is always interested in writing technical articles. With her passion for writing, she joined the EaseUS team in 2022. Most of her pieces are about Mac and PC data recovery, and some articles are about data backup.
Dany graduated from an IT university in Chengdu, and she won scholarships and many other awards at the university. She has learned technical-related knowledge by herself during her spare time, and Dany is a fast learner and keeps studying to write more helpful articles.
Dany is a caring person with broad interests. She has kept a schnauzer in her house for three years. She also enjoys painting, reading, gaming, and photographing. And she is planning to improve her cook skill recently.

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[Handy & Fast] How to Backup Google Drive to Another Google Drive in 3 Ways

How do I backup Google Drive to another Google Drive? This article describes three ways to back up Google Drive to another Google Drive, including using EaseUS Todo Backup and Google Drive built-in feature.

Dany   |   Dec 05, 2023

How to Backup Windows XP to USB Drive? 2 Ways Recommended

This article recommends two ways to back up Windows XP to a USB drive. One is backing up Windows XP to a USB drive with EaseUS Todo Backup, and the other is using Windows Backup Utility.

Dany   |   Nov 30, 2023

How to Backup NAS? Top 3 Strategies

This tutorial guides you on how to back up NAS with three methods. You can directly copy NAS data to an external hard drive, back up NAS with backup software, and back up NAS to a cloud drive.

Dany   |   Nov 22, 2023

How to Backup External Hard Drive to Dropbox [ Recommend 3 Ways]

Back up external hard drive to Dropbox is not difficult. The best way to back up an external hard drive to Dropbox is by applying backup software. You can drag and drop files and folders on Dropbox web and Dropbox Desktop.

Dany   |   Nov 22, 2023

Backup HDD with Bad Sectors [Detailed Guides]

This article explained what bad sectors are and how to back up HDD with bad sectors. We recommend disk backup software and guide you to back up HDD with bad sectors step by step.

Dany   |   Nov 17, 2023

Outlook Backup and Restore in 2 Ways [with Video]

How do I backup and restore Outlook emails? This page introduces Outlook backup and restore in 2 different ways. One is using professional Outlook email backup software, and the other is applying the Microsoft Outlook backup feature.

Dany   |   Nov 17, 2023

[3 Ways] How to Backup Laptop to OneDrive Quickly

How do we back up the laptop to OneDrive? This page introduces three different ways to back up the laptop to OneDrive, including backing up with backup software, OneDrive Web, and OneDrive Desktop.

Dany   |   Nov 17, 2023

How to Backup Laptop to Google Drive Step by Step

How can I back up the laptop to Google Drive? Basically, there are three ways – One automatic way with backup software and two manual ways with Google Drive utility.

Dany   |   Nov 17, 2023

[Newly Updated] How to Download and Backup Facebook Photos

We will teach you how to back up Facebook photos in two ways on this page. You can manually download photos from Facebook and back them up, or you can use professional file backup software to keep Facebook photos automatically.

Dany   |   Nov 17, 2023

[Steam Tutorial] How to Backup and Restore Steam Game Files

This tutorial guides you to back up and restore Steam game files in two ways. You can use the Steam backup feature or file backup software to back up game files.

Dany   |   Nov 17, 2023

How to Backup Windows 11 to USB [2 Safe Ways] 👍

We introduce two safe ways to back up Windows 11 to USB drives on this page. You can back up Windows 11 to USB with a built-in feature and an automatic system backup tool.

Dany   |   Nov 17, 2023

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