Script to Delete Files Older Than 7 Days

Today, I created the folders X and Y. Files in folder X that will be precisely 7 days old from now forth should be transferred from X to folder Y after 7 days, and so on. How to do that?

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Dany· Answered on Feb 22, 2023

Actually, the command lines to move the files older than 7 days are similar with delete files older than x days. Run your CMD on your computer, and type in forfiles /p [source_path] /m *.* /s /d [-x_days] /c "cmd /c move @file [destination_path]". You should change "source_path" to the folder path which you want to move all the files recursively. Also need to change "x_days" to "7_days". "destination_path" means the folder path where you want to move all the files. It is possible to schedule this command with other automated tasks, which can be saved as a .bat file.

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