How to Fix Can't Delete a File That's Stuck on Desktop

One day I downloaded a file, unpacked it, and then tried to delete it after realizing it was for a Mac. The issue is that the extracted folder is still there on my desktop. There are several files there that I am unable to remove. How to fix this problem and delete these files?

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Dany· Answered on Mar 12, 2024

It is super annoying that some files or folders are stuck on the desktop and refuse to be deleted. Many situations can cause this problem, and we will help you get rid of these files which have issues. Pick one of the following methods to delete the files you cannot delete:

1. Sometimes, your files or folders cannot be deleted because some applications and programs are using these files. Files cannot be removed while using, so you should shut down the programs and applications, then try again.

2. It's conceivable that Windows 10's File Explorer is what's preventing the file from being deleted. You can open the Task Manager to shut down Windows File Explorer by right-clicking the "End" button.

3. Maybe a reboot can help shut down the software that is using the files. Sometimes, restarting your computer can solve many problems.

4. If the file you're attempting to remove has been locked in any way, Safe Mode could unlock it. Click the link to learn how to boot into Safe Mode.

5. It is possible that the files you want to delete are damaged or corrupted somehow, and you can delete the corrupted files by using Command Prompt. You should use this command to force delete the files: Del /F /Q /A follows the file path.

6. If you still cannot delete the files that are stuck on your desktop, you can download a free program to help you delete the files.

If you lost important files while force deleting the troublesome files, you could use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to get them back.

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