How to Fix PowerPoint Stop Working Error on Windows

Movies are included in a PowerPoint presentation I have. At some point during the slide show, I receive the notice that Microsoft Office PowerPoint has stopped working. It works perfectly if I delete the movies. Does anyone know what the issue is?

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Dany· Answered on Mar 22, 2024

If you are asking why PowerPoint is not working on Windows, here are the answers:

  • Your PowerPoint is out of date. Bugs in the software affect the PowerPoint's operation.
  • Installed Add-ins in conflict with PowerPoint. While add-ins can optimize your experience, too many add-ins can interfere with the daily work of software.
  • Your PowerPoint gets corrupted or damaged. Need Windows built-in tool to repair it.
  • PowerPoint infected by viruses or existing antivirus software conflicting with PowerPoint.
  • The computer has loaded too many programs. Your computer is overloaded.

How to fix PowerPoint is not working error on Windows? Let us fix this issue with six methods:

1. Install the latest Microsoft PowerPoint version on Windows. While updating your software seems like a twice-told story, your PowerPoint has stopped working due to existing bugs. Update your software immediately to check whether this error can be fixed.

2. Disable add-ins. The add-ins could be a hassle that occasionally causes PowerPoint not to work, so you should disable it.

3. Repair PowerPoint software. If your software is the latest version and the add-ins disabled perform useless, repairing your Office programs can solve PowerPoint freezing, not responding, and hanging.

4. Apply antivirus software. The virus can intrude on the PC and interfere with the programs when your computer works right.

5. Turn off non-essential software on your computer. This is the common scenario in that we have to open dozens of pages every day. But opening too many pages at one time will cause the computer to overload. Close the page that is already open.

6. If all the methods are not working, you should send your feedback to Microsoft.

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