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Losing important photos in Windows 11 because of accidental deletion? Don't worry! We will provide 4 ways to help you recover deleted photos in Windows. Keep reading this passage and learn more.

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Deletion is the most common data loss scenario in the Windows 11 operating system. We'll offer four different methods to help you recover deleted photos in Windows 11. Choose one from the following table and restore the deleted photos now:

💯Professional Photo Recovery Software

The most recommended method to recover lost or deleted images in Windows 11. EaseUS photo recovery tool can deal with most photo deletion situations and restore various files from multiple storage devices.

🗑️Windows 11 Recycle Bin

The deleted items, including the photos, will be moved to the Recycle Bin in Windows 11. Check the Recycle Bin folder, which may help you restore deleted photos immediately.

Windows 11 File History

Windows File History is a built-in backup and restore utility; you can check File History backups to restore deleted images.

Data Recovery Services

When your computer cannot boot or has disk errors, you may have trouble recovering deleted photos yourself. Contacting data recovery services can save you time.

Now, keep reading to get to know more about the four solutions and restore lost images in Windows 11.

Method 1. Recover Deleted Photos in Windows 11 with Recovery Software

It is wise to choose EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to recover deleted pictures in Windows 11. If you need to recover lost photos now, download this software without hesitation.

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Why should you choose the EaseUS data recovery tool?

Now, just follow the guide to recover deleted photos from the Windows 11 internal drive:

Step 1. Choose the location and start scanning

Hover on the SD card, camera, or hard drive partition where you deleted/lost pictures, then click "Scan".

select a location and scan for lost pictures

Step 2. Select the pictures you want to recover

Once the scanning completes, select "Pictures" in the left panel. If you want to locate the lost photos, click "Lost" on the top list. Then, you can find photos according to the devices, types, and dates.

filter the lost photos

Step 3. Recover lost photos

After the preview, click "Recover" and choose another location to save the desired pictures.

Recover lost photos

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Method 2. Restore Deleted Pictures from Windows 11 Recycle Bin

Actually, when you find you have mistakenly deleted some images in Windows 11, you can use the Ctrl + Z shortcut to undo delete immediately. That shortcut will retrieve the last operation you have done, and it can be very useful for retrieving accidentally deleted photos in Windows 11.

If this undo shortcut is not working, go to the Recycle Bin and restore photos:

Step 1. Open the Recycle Bin folder by double-clicking the trash icon on the desktop. You can also right-click the icon to open the folder.

right click the Recycle Bin folder to open it

Step 2. You can easily restore deleted photos in Windows 11 with the Restore option.

recover deleted photos from Windows 11 Recycle Bin

If you sadly found the Windows 11 Recycle Bin is empty, apply EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to regain the deleted photos quickly。

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Method 3. Retrieve Deleted Photos on Windows 11 via File History

Windows 11 and older versions have a built-in backup & restore utility - File History. This utility can help you back up desktop files and personal data automatically, and you need to turn it on and connect an external drive.

Step 1. You have a quick method to locate File History restoration window, just type in restore your files with file history in the Windows 11's search box, and click the best match one.

restore your files with File History

Step 2. You can see the backup date on the top of the window, use the arrow to page up/down and find a backup contains deleted photos.

Step 3. Finally, select all the photos you want to restore and click the revert button.

recover deleted photos in Windows 11 with File History

With File History, you can recover permanently deleted photos from laptops or local PCs.

Method 4. Recover Deleted Images in Windows 11 with Data Recovery Services

Normally, contacting professional data recovery services should be the last method you can try. In most cases, reliable photo recovery software like EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can perfectly solve your problem and recover deleted files.

If you find it difficult to solve the photo loss issue in Windows 11 all by yourself, specialized engineers from EaseUS data recovery services can help a lot.

EaseUS Windows 11 Photo Recovery Services

Click here to contact our experts for a free evaluation

Consult with EaseUS data recovery experts for one-on-one manual recovery service. We could offer the following services after a FREE diagnosis

  • Recover deleted photos in Windows 11, including JPG, PNG, GIF, CR2, etc.
  • Recover/repair lost partitions and re-partitioned drives
  • Unformat hard drives and restore lost images
  • Fix disks that become GPT-protected partitions

To Wrap Up

We hope you think the offered four methods are helpful enough. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is the best choice when you need to recover erased photos in Windows 11.

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If you don't want to encounter that kind of photo loss in the future, you can back up your pictures from now on. It can be very helpful in recovering permanently deleted files in Windows 11.

Windows 11 Photo Recovery FAQs

This last section will mention some frequently asked questions about our topic - Windows 11 photo recovery:

1. How do I recover permanently deleted photos in Windows 11?

The permanently deleted photos in Windows 11 should be erased, and the data may be overwritten. So, you can just rely on recent backups to restore a permanently deleted photo in Windows 11.

2. Can EaseUS recover deleted photos in Windows 11?

Absolutely, the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can recover deleted photos, videos, documents, emails, audio, and other files on Windows 11 with one click. This powerful recovery tool is 100% clean and the offer reliable after-sales service, you can contact EaseUS if you have any questions.

3. Can I recover photos from an emptied Recycle Bin in Windows 11?

You should rely on data recovery software when you need to recover deleted photos from an emptied Recycle Bin in Windows 11. You can also contact data recovery services to restore lost images.

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