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"Feel free to follow me on LinkedIn. I'd like to share with you my years' experiences in solving data recovery and disk partition problems in hopes of making your life easier and enjoyable."

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Cedric Grantham is one of the senior editors and data recovery specialists of EaseUS who lives and works in Chengdu, China. He mainly writes articles and how-to tips about data recovery tutorials on PC and Mac. He has handled 10,000+ data recovery cases and is mainly good at data recovery of NTFS, FAT (FAT32 and ExFAT) file systems, and RAID structure reorganization of RAID 0, 5, and 10.


Cedric Grantham has been with the EaseUS team for more than 10 years and is currently a senior website editor and data recovery engineer. He has helped tens of thousands of users solve the problems encountered in data recovery through remote assistance, such as users who cannot successfully recover data with recovery software, need to repair damaged partitions and systems, and reorganize RAID structures to restore data, etc. Together with the data recovery team members, he researched and established a variety of special data loss scenarios and manual data recovery solutions.

Usually, when using manual recovery to help users solve partition problems, it mainly analyzes the partition and file system structure of the device, finds out the damaged or overwritten file system information, and reversely calculates the damaged or overwritten information through the important parameters of the file system, so as to achieve The purpose of repairing partitions or repairing file directory structure. Similarly, when solving the RAID reorganization problem, it is necessary to analyze the key parameters of the RAID structure on all disks, calculate the original RAID structure information, realize the RAID reorganization, and restore the original RAID data.

Cedric graduated in Software Engineering with an undergraduate degree. Before he became a qualified editor, he had completed systematic technical article writing. Years of experience accumulation allow him to easily write high-quality articles that are helpful to users.
At work, Cedric likes to write a lot of problem-solving articles to help people find solutions. In life, he is a passionate person about many things. He likes music (rock and light music), singing, and mountain climbing. He spends most spare time with family and friends.

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Windows Photo Viewer Can't Display This Picture Windows 11/10/8/7

How do you fix Windows Photo Viewer can't display this picture error on your Windows 10 computer? Windows Photo Viewer can't display this picture error may occur when the file is corrupted, too large, or without enough memory. Take the useful ways in this tutorial to solve the problem. We provide you with an easy and efficient photo recovery and repair tool if the pictures are deleted or corrupted.

Cedric   |   Jun 09, 2023

How to Corrupt a PDF File so That It Can't Be Opened (Step-by-Step Guide)

How to corrupt a PDF file so that it cannot be opened? This how-to article teaches you how to corrupt a file in two ways by using Notepad and Corrupt a File.Net tool. Meanwhile, if you mistakenly corrupt a wanted PDF, use EaseUS Fixo file repair to fix the corrupted PDF files efficiently. It can restore the text, hyperlinks, graphs, watermarks, and digital signatures from corrupted PDF files efficiently.

Cedric   |   Jun 09, 2023

How to Fix Error Message 'Word was Unable to Read Document. It May be Corrupt' Efficiently

The error message - Word was unable to read document. It may be corrupt, which usually happens when you suddenly can't open your word file. In this article, we will focus on why this error message appears and how to fix this problem.

Cedric   |   Jun 08, 2023

How to Solve We're Sorry but Word Has Run Into an Error

Have you ever met the error message that says we're sorry but Word has run into an error that is preventing it from working correctly? This error may also occur when you use Microsoft Excel or PowerPoint. This how-to article shows you useful fixes for Word has run into error and introduces you to an efficient file repair tool to repair corrupted Word, Excel, or PPT files if you need.

Cedric   |   Jun 08, 2023

4 Efficient Ways Are Ready! Fix Compile Error in Hidden Module

This article is about an error message that users might receive when they open MS Excel - Compile error in hidden module. We will tell you why you would see this error message and what methods you can apply to fix this problem. Moreover, a bonus solution for recovering and repairing lost Excel files is also included.

Cedric   |   Jun 08, 2023

VLC Video Repair: How to Fix Corrupted Videos with VLC

You may find several issues while dealing with video files. But you do not need to worry anymore. This in-depth guide will prepare you for how to solve them with VLC Media Player, from the basic to advanced tips and tricks. In case it does not work, try the professional recovery tool EaseUS Fixo.

Cedric   |   Jun 08, 2023

4 Ways | How to Fix Word Runtime Error 91

A runtime error is a common program error that usually occurs in Microsoft Office software. It usually happens with different error codes. This time we will focus on runtime error 91. Telling you what is the reason for this error, and how to fix it. Follow the solutions below to solve Word runtime error 91 and repair Word files with simple clicks.

Cedric   |   Jun 08, 2023

Top 11 Best Photo Repair Software for PC/Mac

What is the best photo restoration software on PC and Mac? How to fix corrupted JPEG files? This post covers the top ten best photo repair tools that you can use to repair damaged pictures. Perform EaseUS Fixo photo repair software free download.

Cedric   |   Jun 08, 2023

How to Choose and How to Use Online Repair Word Document Tool

How to repair corrupted Word file online? This post shows you several popular online Word document repair tools. You can repair corrupted Word document online with ease.

Cedric   |   Jun 08, 2023

JPEG Repair Tool Free Download | Repair Corrupted JPEG Files

JPG/JPEG file corruption may take place for many uncertain reasons. If you need to repair corrupted JPEG files, you can find ways out here. And one of the most effective methods is using a professional JPEG repair tool to fix corrupted JPEG photos.

Cedric   |   Jun 07, 2023

How to Remove Password from Excel with or Without Password

How to remove password from Excel online or when opening? This article shows you how to remove password from Excel with or without password. Use EaseUS Fixo to recover lost or repair corrupted Excel files easily.

Cedric   |   Jun 07, 2023

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