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Experience & Education

Cedric Grantham is one of the senior editors of EaseUS who lives and works in Chengdu, China. He mainly writes articles about data recovery tutorials on PC and Mac and how-to tips for partition management. He always keeps an eye on new releases and loves various electronic products.

Cedric Grantham has many years of technical writing experience. He joined the EaseUS editorial team in May 2017 and is a senior website editor now. His articles mainly cover Windows, macOS, and iOS on the topics of data recovery, disk & partition management, as well as PC backup and restore.
Cedric graduated in English with a bachelor's degree. Before he became a qualified editor, he had completed systematic technical article writing and computer software related knowledge training. Years of experience accumulation allows him to easily write high-quality articles that are helpful to users.
At work, Cedric likes to write a lot of problem-solving articles to help people find solutions. In life, he is a passionate person for many things. He likes to travel, watch anime, play games, and exercise. He spends most spare time with families and friends.

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A Complete Guide to Recover Deleted Files

Are you looking for a way to recover deleted files on Windows 10? This full guide provides you with every way to recover deleted files on Windows 10, Windows 11, Mac, iPhone, Andriod, SD card, USB flash drive, Google Drive, and more. Read on and you will get lost data back in any data loss situations.

Cedric   |   Sep 19, 2022

[Solved] 2018-11 Update For Windows 10 Version 1803 For X64-Based Systems (Kb4023057) – Error 0x80070643

If you encountered 2018-11 update for Windows 10 version 1803 for x64-based systems (kb4023057) - error 0x80070643 or 2022-01 Update for Windows 10 Version 21H2 for x64 based systems KB4023057, fix this issue in 8 ways provided here. Do not forget to use professional free data recovery software to restore lost data on Windows updates.

Cedric   |   Sep 19, 2022

Where Is Steam Screenshot Folder? How to Access and How to Restore

Where is the Steam screenshot folder on Windows 10 and Windows 11? This article shows you a few ways to access the Steam screenshot folder. Still, we also provide you useful solutions to solving Steam screenshot not working issue and restoring lost Steam screenshots.

Cedric   |   Sep 19, 2022

Minecraft Free Download and Minecraft Data Recovery Windows 10/11

How to download Minecraft game on PC for free? Get the detailed instructions to download Minecraft for free on Windows 10 or Windows 11. You can use a professional hard drive recovery to restore your lost Minecraft game data.

Cedric   |   Sep 19, 2022

Top 5 Best Open Source Data Recovery for Windows/Mac/Linux/Android

Have no idea what to do when cannot find your open source data? Do not worry. In this passage, we are going to recommend top 5 best open source data recovery software to you and help you to recover deleted or lost data. You can free download the full version of best open source data recovery software and choose the one that fits you best.

Cedric   |   Sep 19, 2022

Flash Drive Data Recovery Software: Recover Files from a USB or Pen Drive

Many ways are available for you to recover data from flash drive or pen drive. For example, you can recover deleted files from USB with USB data recovery software or restore files from a flash drive without software. This full guide covers complete methods to undelete files from flash drives.

Cedric   |   Sep 19, 2022

League of Legends Replays & Highlights, Where to Find and How to Recover

How to find saved League of Legends replays and highlights? What if the League of Legends replays and highlights are crashed, corrupted, deleted, or not working? This tutorial shows you detailed guides to find League of Legends replays and highlights and repair & restore the game files.

Cedric   |   Sep 19, 2022

How to Delete Files, Folders, and Directories in Linux Using Command

How can I delete a file in Linux? How do I delete a file in Linux using Terminal? This article explains how to remove files, folders, or directories in Linux Terminal. If you accidentally deleted wanted files in Linux, use EaseUS Linux data recovery software to restore lost files efficiently.

Cedric   |   Sep 15, 2022

Btrfs vs EXT4, All You Need to Know About Btrfs and EXT4!

What is the difference between EXT4 and Btrfs? This tutorial covers the detailed comparison of Btrfs VS EXT4 file systems. We also provide useful information about Btrfs or EXT4 for Synology NAS devices as well as how to recover lost data from Synology NAS Raid drives.

Cedric   |   Sep 15, 2022

NAS Data Recovery Software: Recover Data from NAS

How to recover data from RAID-based NAS? You can use EaseUS NAS data recovery software to get data off the NAS hard drive. Power off the NAS, remove the hard drive and use our NAS data recovery software to scan and recover files with ease.  

Cedric   |   Sep 15, 2022

JPEG Repair Tool Free Download | Repair Corrupted JPEG Files

JPG/JPEG file corruption may take place for many uncertain reasons. If you need to repair corrupted JPEG files, you can find ways out here. And one of the most effective methods is using a professional JPEG repair tool to fix corrupted JPEG photos.

Cedric   |   Aug 31, 2022

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