Most computing devices, including laptops, gaming consoles, or supercomputers, use SSDs for better performance than HDDs. While they work well, they are also prone to accidental deletion, and since they work differently from the standard HDDs, recovering the deleted data needs a different treatment. 

So, if you have deleted or lost critical data from your SSD card, don't panic, as we will share about SSD recovery software that can help you recover data. The guide will help you learn about the top 10 best SSD recovery software Windows and Mac 2023. 

What Is Solid State Drive (SSD Overview)

SSD is an acronym for Solid State Drive. It includes solid-state electronic memory chips that help conveniently read and write data. The involvement of SSD makes it easier for the users to extend the life of their notebook battery. Moreover, it reduces the lag and improves the reading performance. The presence of Solid State Drives has effectively worked for solving the different issues related to the physical constraints. Compared to HDDs, SSDs don't have any moving parts, which prolongs the storage life and makes data retrieval much faster.

How to Know if an SSD Is Corrupted

Right from a power surge to an outage, different reasons serve behind the corruption of SSDs. If you are eager to know whether your SSD card is working fine or corrupted but don't know how to do it, here we are with some of the most prominent symptoms that will help you know that in detail.

🧱Errors Caused By Bad Blocks

SSD cards can also have bad blocks. When it takes much longer to read or save the data on an SSD or is being failed, an error message starts flashing up on your home screen immediately.

Suppose your device continuously shows error messages while moving files. On top of this, if your system runs slowly, copy files freeze or crash occasionally, your PC needs to be repaired, or you are not able to read or write to the SSD card, then you must replace it. You need to diagnose your SSD card with software soon.

✍️Files Cannot Be Read or Written

If you are trying to write something to drive and failing to do that, your bad block system is refusing to write to drive. The systems are designed to solve minor problems effectively, but if it is not, it indicates that your SSD card has issues.

🗂️The File System Needs Repair

A blue screen pops up on your screen and says, "Your PC needs to be repaired," or your PC is not shutting properly. It is also a sign that your SSD is being corrupted or has some issues in connector ports. 

❌Crashes During Boot

In case your PC is crashing up during the boot process and running in loops after using the reset, it is a clear indication that your drive is on the way to drying up completely. It is always advised to create a secure data backup before a complete disaster.

👁️‍🗨️Read-Only Error

It is not such a prominent symptom, but it still indicates that your SSD card has a corruption issue. In such scenarios, the SSD cards don't allow writing any data on it and keep it in the read-only mode. 

Top 10 Best SSD Card Recovery Software on Windows and Mac 

Don't worry about the SSD card corruption issue, as we have the top 10 SSD recovery software for Windows and Mac 2023 for you. 

  1. 1. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard
  2. 2. Disk Drill
  3. 3. SysTools SSD Data Recovery
  4. 4. Stellar Data Recovery
  5. 5. TestDisk Recovery
  6. 6. Orion File Recovery Software
  7. 7. Remo Recover
  8. 8. Puran Data Recovery
  9. 9. SoftwarePro SSD Recovery Software
  10. 10. Pcvita SSD Data Recovery Software

1. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard (Windows&Mac)

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro is one of the most trusted data recovery software. It is well known for recovering all the lost files, pictures, videos, documents, and much more after completing formatting, deletion, partition loss, virus attacks, OS crashes, and much more.

Billions of users are currently using the tool all across 160 nations. It offers flexible scanning modes, and free remote assistance makes it much more convenient. One can now easily get a preview of their files before accomplishing the complete recovery.

easeus data recovery wizard


  • Ensures free deleted, raw, formatted file recovery
  • Provides preview before recovery
  • Featured with flexible scanning modes
  • Ensures free remote assistance 
  • Ensures quality data recovery 

2. Disk Drill (Windows&Mac)

Disk Drill is a fantastic data recovery software for recovering all types of deleted files in Windows. Whether it is about Office documents or messages or media files, everything can be now recovered easily, quickly. It is a free tool that can perfectly restore deleted files from SSD drives, HDD, USB drives, and much more. The tool offers free data protection with a recovery vault and free byte-level backups for your storage media.

disk drill


  • Free data recovery up to 500MB
  • Preview of the lost files
  • Free data protection
  • Free byte-level backups
  • Easy data recovery from several devices

3. SysTools SSD Data Recovery (Windows)

SysTools SSD Data Recovery is quite efficient in losing up your crucial data from the SSD drive. It is a reliable solution that can help you in rescuing the missing files perfectly. It is an automated solution designed to recover permanently deleted, formatted, lost, or corrupted files. It is a feature-loaded option that helps you preview the recovered files before making the final data recovery and also offers users the freedom of access to their preferred language.

systools ssd recovery


  • Supports RAW files recovery, shifts deleted files, multimedia, documents, images, etc.
  • Provides preview of the deleted data files
  • Restores different file formats effectively
  • Supports recovery for both internal and external drives
  • Adds up deleted data in the disk image category

4. Stellar Data Recovery (Windows)

Stellar Data Recovery is a complex SSD data storage structure that helps you perform efficient data recovery from different sources effectively. The tool is quite efficient and enables you to recover the different sorts of data safely, securely, and confidently. If we talk about the success rate, the success rate of this tool is relatively high. The software features proprietary techniques that help recover data from SSDs in different data loss situations.

stellar data recovery


  • Data recovery from accidental deletion or formatted drives
  • Recovery from corrupted drives
  • Recovery from physically damaged drives
  • Keeps data safe and secure throughout
  • Ensures high-end success rate

5. TestDisk Recovery (Windows&Mac&Linux)

TestDisk is an excellent option for those currently willing to recover their data safely, securely, and confidently. It is a portable application that can effectively attract all of the files and applications ready to be used. The tool doesn't need an installer to run on. The software works well on different types of file formats and operating systems.

testdisk ssd recovery  


  • Portable application for extracting files and applications
  • Keeps data safe, secure, and confident
  • It doesn't require an installer to run
  • Works effectively on different file formats
  • Supports multiple operating systems

6. Orion File Recovery Software (Windows)

Orion File Recovery Software is a perfect solution for recovering and undeleting lost files or permanently erased data from SSD drives. The tool does thorough research for the deleted files on the SSD drive. It can effectively recover the files that are not being overwritten, recovered, or permanently deleted. This tool can recover deleted files, music, and photos. One can even use this tool to erase the files to increase your system's security permanently.

orion file recovery software


  • Recover deleted files, pictures, and videos
  • Recovers data from different sources like hard drives, SSD, USB, etc.
  • Erase files permanently to ensure high-end security
  • Works well on different file formats
  • Ensures quick and easy file recovery

7. Remo Recover (Windows&Mac)

Remo Recover is the best tool that is designed to assist you in recovering deleted files effectively. The tool ensures users quickly recover deleted or lost files, photos, and videos. One can easily use this tool to recover files from storage devices such as SSDs, hard drives, and USB drives. It is a free tool that can effectively restore the shifted deleted or emptied files or the files that have been moved to the recycle bin. 

remo recover


  • Quick recovery of deleted files
  • Recover files from different storage devices
  • Restores shift deleted files
  • Free data recovery tool
  • Works well on all versions of Windows and Mac

8. Puran Data Recovery (Windows)

Puran Data Recovery is a free utility option that helps you recover maximum data from damaged media files. The data recovery tool offers a free preview of the prospective recovered data files. It is a simple tool that ignores the bad sectors coming up while copying files, making it easier for you to copy the entire drive, individual files, or folders. The tool supports drag-and-drop solutions and offers different speed levels to ensure convenient data recovery.

puran data recovery


  • Copy entire drives, files, and folders
  • Features drag and drop operations
  • Includes different speed levels
  • Provides the perfect balance between recovered files and speed 
  • Recovers different file formats

9. SoftwarePro SSD Recovery Software (Windows)

SoftwarePro SSD Recovery Software is the best data recovery solution in the list that can recover permanently deleted, formatted, or corrupted data from SSD. The tool effectively supports recovery from all brands' SSDs and restores lost files from exFAT, FAT, and NTFS SSD partitions. 

softwarepro recovery


  • Recover files from internal and external drives
  • Provides preview of the deleted files
  • Mechanical detection of the storage device for perfect scanning
  • Compatible with SSD
  • Apply category filter for easy navigation

10. Pcvita SSD Data Recovery Software (Windows)

Pcvita SSD Data Recovery Software is a powerful data recovery software solution in the list that perfectly scans the user system and recovers corrupted, formatted, and lost data. The tool comes up with an easy-to-use interface and helps you recover and restore the files from the SSD. The software retrieves the shifted deleted files or folders quickly and can effectively recover and save data items from the corrupted SSD.

pctiva ssd recovery 


  • Recover corrupted or deleted files 
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Ensures a quick recovery process
  • It works well on different Windows and Mac versions
  • Provides permission to store the restored deleted data

Tips to Protect Your Files from Further SSD Data Loss Disasters

SSD data loss is a colossal disaster that can drag one to huge losses. It can easily prevent the disaster by taking care of a few tips such as:

  • Use OEM Software for Trimming: Instead of optimizing the SSD on your own, we recommend using OEM software to manage the TRIM feature. When the software optimizes how the space is used, it will prolong the hard drive's life and reduce data loss because of hardware issues.
  • Backup Important Data: It is always advised for users to back up important data so that they can easily get access to the same in case of data loss. You can easily back up the data using online and offline sources such as SSD, Hard Drive, USB, etc.
  • Download and Install Anti-virus Software: Antivirus software works effectively to keep your data safe throughout. The presence of antivirus protects your device from malware infection, bugs, virus attacks, and much more and saves your drives from getting corrupted.
  • Use SSD Drive Recovery Software: SSD drive recovery software like EaseUS can be a great help anytime. These tools are quite efficient in recovering files efficiently in case of data loss disasters.
  • Properly Use SSD: Perfectly using an SSD can also help you in keeping your data safe throughout. Make sure to keep a keen eye on the performance of your SSD drive and PC, and take immediate steps in using any regularity found there.


Having perfect SSD recovery software can help you keep your data safe in different scenarios. It is the perfect way that reduce the risk of data loss to a greater extent. All of the products mentioned above assure safe, secure, and confident data recovery without any issues.

SSD Recovery FAQs

We have added thorough information about the different aspects of SSD recovery software solutions. If you still have any queries left with you, the FAQs segment we will provide you below will help you get the perfect solution for all of your queries. The FAQs below will solve all of the issues you encounter with SSD corruption.

How Can I Recover My SSD Files for Free?

Step 1. Download and install SSD recovery software on your Windows or Mac.

Step 2. Connect your SSD to the computer.

Step 3. Launch the SSD recovery software.

Step 4. Select the disk or partition for recovery.

Best Free SSD Recovery Software

The top free SSD recovery software is:

  • EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard
  • Disk Drill
  • SysTools SSD Data Recovery
  • Stellar Data Recovery
  • TestDisk

Does Recuva Work on an SSD? 

Yes. Recuva works well even on the SSD where the TRIM command is enabled. However, it is not needed as TRIM can manage the space allocation well.

TRIM: The Problem with Recovering SSDs 

TRIM is an advanced technology attachment command used by the system to tell the SSD which block will no longer be used. The presence of TRIM stops data recovery software from functioning perfectly; however, it doesn't pinpoint which data is where making a recovery a little tricky.

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