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How to Recover Unsaved Word Document on Mac

Posted by Abby Haines to Mac File Recovery 2016-01-20


Forgot to save Word on Mac? Accidentally closed Word without saving on Mac? Here you can learn how to recover unsaved Word document on Mac using EaseUS Mac office recovery software,Temporary Folder or AutoRecovery. Try all the solutions to retrieve unsaved Word documents on Mac.

Can you recover unsaved Word document on Mac?

I was working on a document on my Mac computer and was almost finished when amazingly enough, Microsoft Word crashed. Is there any way that I can use to find and retrieve an unsaved Word file in Mac OS X?

Usually, you can get your important Word document lost due to various different reasons. It might happen when Microsoft Word for Mac stops responding unexpectedly, you use the Force Quit command to end a Word for Mac session, or you close the program without saving your Word file. In all these situations, you need to find a way to recover lost Word document if you don’t plan to spend days or even weeks to rewriting your Word file. Here we will show you, step by step, how to recover unsaved Word document on Mac using third-party free Mac office recovery software, Temporary Folder or AutoRecovery. 

How to recover Word document with EaseUS Mac data recovery

First, you can try EaseUS Mac data recovery to recover your lost Word file in Mac OS X when you facing unexpected data loss disaster. This program is helpful to find and retrieve data in various data loss cases, such as data loss caused by accidental deletion, disk formatting, virus attack, partition loss etc. Here is the detailed guide about how to do it.

Step 1: Select file types - It ensure you to find your unsaved Word document files fast.

Step 2: Choose to scan the specified volume - It ensures you to quickly scan the hard drive or storage device where you lost your data to find all the recoverable Word documents.

Step 3: Selectively recover unsaved Word documents - It enables you to preview all the recoverable files one by one and restore unsaved Word documents effectively.

Preview and recover unsaved Word document on Mac

How to recover unsaved Word document on Mac using Temporary Folder

1. Go to the Finder, Choose Go -> Go to folder.
2. Type /private/var/folders and find the files named "Word Work File" inside a "Temporary items" folder.
3. Option drag folders or files to the Desktop (before dropping them on Microsoft Word’s icon).
4. Do not delete anything.

How to recover unsaved Word document on Mac using AutoRecovery

Microsoft Word on a Mac computer includes an AutoRecovery option. It is turned on by default. The app will automatically save a copy of an open Word file every 10 minutes. If Word freezes while you're working on a document, or if the computer crashes, you can use the AutoRecovery copy to recover unsaved Word document with the changes or additions that you made in your last Word for Mac session.

1. Close Word for Mac.
2. On the Go menu, click Home. Open the Documents folder, and then open the Microsoft User Data folder.
3. Locate all the files that start with the words "AutoRecovery save of". Select the one you want to recover, rename the file. Then, add the ".doc" file name extension.
4. Double-click the file. The document now opens in Word for Mac.
5. Click the File menu and select Save As. Type a new name for the file into the Name field, select a folder for the file and click the Save button.