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How do you fix Windows Photo Viewer can't display this picture error on your Windows 10 computer? Windows Photo Viewer can't display this picture error may occur when the file is corrupted, too large, or without enough memory. Take the useful ways in this tutorial to solve the problem. We provide you with an easy and efficient photo recovery and repair tool if the pictures are deleted or corrupted.

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Sometimes users face the Windows Photo Viewer can't display the picture error. This error can happen for several reasons like not having enough memory on your system, an image size being very large or not compatible, pictures being corrupted, and Windows Photo Viewer not being updated. Here we will discuss every possible reason and its fix in this post, so follow the post till the end to know the complete process.      

Method 1. Change Another Photo View to Open Pictures

Sometimes applications don't work no matter how many times you launch them. If that is one of those days, we suggest you open that picture on any other Photo viewer applications like Adobe Photoshop, MS Paint, Photos App, Raw Image viewer, Photo Retouch, etc.  

If the photos open in another application, then the problem with Photo Viewer. You will have to either update it or reinstall it. However, before doing that, restart your PC once, and check if it helps fix the problem.

Method 2. Change File Format

Windows Photo Viewer usually supports GIF, BMP, DIB, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and WDP file formats for available pictures. But, sometimes people try to open different file format which doesn't support Windows Photo viewer. So, if you cannot open photos on Windows Photo viewer, check the format of that photo file. 

You can then open another application and choose to save it as a new file in a format that will work with the photo viewer. You can also use online tools to achieve that. 

Another exciting trick to changing file format is first to select the file, press F2, and rename it to another image format, i.e., PNG or GIF, or BMP. You can then try to open it and see if it works. Since standard file formats share similar headers, the image might open.

change photo format

Method 3. Check if the Pictures Are Corrupted

Sometimes pictures are corrupted or damaged for some reason, and the Windows Photo viewer can't display the picture. In such cases, you have to repair the corrupted or damaged image. To repair the damaged photos, we recommend you use EaseUS file repair tool

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Many professionals use this highly recommended tool only because of its advanced repairing features. EaseUS Fixo Photo Repair is an all-in-one data recovery tool that can quickly recover damaged or corrupted photos. It comprises advanced features and functionality; let's known briefly.

  • Repair corrupt and damaged photos:  EaseUS Fixo Photo Repair tool can repair damaged or corrupted JPEG and JPG format photos stored on the hard drive, memory card, or any other storage device. You will get a preview of repaired photos after the quick scan before recovery.
  • Recover and repair damaged videos: EaseUS Fixo can recover damaged or corrupted videos in MP4 and MOV format. 
  • Fix corrupted Microsoft Office documents: EaseUS file repair tool allows you to fix damaged Excel, Word, and PowerPoint documents efficiently. 
  • Repair damaged PDF documents: EaseUS Fixo repairs damaged, corrupted, or inaccessible PDF files, and recovers all objects

Now, free download this file repair and recovery program to fix corrupted photos in three steps.

Step 1. Launch Fixo on your computer. You can choose "Photo Repair" to repair photos that cannot be opened, partially missing, etc. Click "Add Photos" to select corrupted photos.

add photos to repair images with Fixo

Step 2. You can repair multiple photos at once by clicking the "Repair All" button. If you want to repair one photo, move your pointer to the target photo and choose "Repair".

select photos to repair

Step 3. You can click on the eye icon to preview the photos and click "Save" to save a selected photo. Choose "Save All" to save all the repaired images. Click "View Repaired" to locate the repaired folder.

save repaired photos in Fixo

Method 4. Check if the Pictures Have Been Deleted or Removed

Sometimes your photos may be deleted or removed from your system accidentally or for any possible reason. In such cases, you have to recover your deleted photos. Now the question is how you can do it. You can resolve this issue using the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

We recommend this third-party tool because of its fast and safe recovery features. This excellent professional tool can efficiently restore lost files from your HDD/SSD/USB/SD card due to accidental deletion, device formatting/corrupting, virus attack, OS crash, lost partition, etc.

IMPORTANT: EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard supports Windows 11 data recovery

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Step 1. Choose the location and start scanning

Hover on the SD card, camera, or hard drive partition where you deleted/lost pictures, then click "Scan for Lost Data".

select a location and scan for lost pictures

Step 2. Select the pictures you want to recover

Once the scanning completes, select "Pictures" in the left panel. If you want to locate the lost photos, click "Lost Files Only" on the top-right side. Then, you can find photos according to the devices, types, and dates.

filter the lost photos

Step 3. Recover lost photos

After the preview, click "Recover" and choose another location to save the desired pictures. You can save the recovered photos your local drive, external storage device or cloud storage.

Recover lost photos

Method 5. Not Enough Memory Available

Windows Photo Viewer can't display this picture error message can happen due to insufficient memory available on your system. To resolve this issue, you can follow two methods like reduce memory usage or upgrade RAM.

high memory usage

If your PC has limited memory, you should upgrade it to higher memory. 16 GB memory has become a standard, and it would be best to have a total of 32 GB for future-proofing. It is equally essential to pickup up a high-speed RAM module if you work with images all the time.

On the other hand, you can also reduce memory usage by closing unwanted running applications using a lot of memory. You can check the RAM usage application from the Task Manager. 

Method 6. Update Windows Photo Viewer

Sometimes due to bugs and old versions of Windows photo viewer, users face the issue on display photos. In such cases, we will recommend you update the Windows Photo Viewer.

Since Windows Photo Viewer is not part of the Microsoft Store, you can update it only via Windows Update. Follow the exact steps given below to update your Windows Photo Viewer.

Step 1. Open Windows Settings and navigate to Windows Update Now, click on the Check for Update button, and wait for the process to complete. 

Step 2. If an update is available,  check the list, and note if there is an update related to the Windows Photo Views.

Step 3. Now update process will start and install, so wait until it is finished. After this, a window will appear to click on the Restart button. It will restart your computer automatically and complete the whole process.        

Once done, try open an image using the Photo Viewer, and check if everything is displayed correctly. 


If you are still following the post, you must understand all our shared methods. The reason behind Windows Photo Viewer can't display the picture can be different but try the above methods to resolve your issue. If your photos are corrupted or damaged, you have to repair those with the help of the EaseUS Fixo Photo Repair.

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All the methods are beneficial; try them out! If you have any query, feels free to ask us under the comment section we would love to answer thanks.

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