Fixed: missing xcrun at: /library/developer/commandlinetools/usr/bin/xcrun

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Mac users who use Terminal often come across the error message that says, xcrun at: /library/developer/commandlinetools/usr/bin/xcrun. The error usually comes across you when you upgrade your macOS and run different commands in the Terminal. Thankfully, there are a few quick and easy ways to fix this issue, helping you get back to using Terminal normally.

Reinstalling Xcode or Command Line Tools, resetting the Path, or installing from the Apple Developer Website may repair the missing xcrun at issue. It's crucial first to determine what created the problem. This essay will examine those factors and provide strategies to address the problem. Let's get stuck into it!

Why Encounter Missing xcrun at: /library/developer/commandlinetools/usr/bin/xcrun

I have this problem: xcrun: error: invalid active developer path (/Library/Developer/CommandLineTools), missing xcrun at: /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/usr/bin/xcrun

Could someone help me? Two days ago I installed the last software update to MacOS: 12.5 and I have installed Xcode 13.4.1 for programming. Could this be the problem? Thanks for the support. from Apple Developer Forum

Knowing what causes the xcrun issue is essential before solving it. After upgrading to macOS 14 or other versions, running Git in Terminal usually yields the "xcrun: error: invalid active developer path" message. The error message itself is quite clear. It indicates that the active developer path, located at /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools, is invalid.

Essentially, this means the issue isn't with Git itself but with the Command Line Tools. When macOS updates, it can sometimes disrupt the configuration of these tools, leading to this error. Recognizing that the problem lies with the Command Line Tools rather than Git helps direct our focus to the right solutions. Understanding the root cause will make it easier to fix the issue and get your Terminal back to normal.

macos git xcrun error invalid active developer path

Method 1. Solve Missing xcrun at Error by Reinstalling Xcode or Command Line Tools

Even if you already have Command Line Tools installed, reinstalling them may help to resolve the problem. Here's how to install the Command Line Tools:

Step 1. On your Mac, launch the "Terminal" software. You can do so by going to "Utilities > Terminal."

Step 2. In Terminal, enter the following command string xcode-select –install and press Enter.

Step 3. You should get the following output: "xcode-select" installation requested for command line developer tools. Click the "Install" button.

Step 4. Then, accept the License Agreement by clicking the Accept button.

click install button to install Xcode

⭐Note: Once Command Line Tools has been installed, you should reboot the Mac (although merely refreshing, relaunching Terminal, or starting a new Terminal may also fix the "xcrun error invalid active developer path" warning).

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Method 2. Reset Xcode Command Line Tools Path to Fix missing xcrun at: /library/developer/commandlinetools/usr/bin/xcrun

Now that we understand the root cause of the xcrun error let's dive into the steps to fix it. One effective method is to reset the Xcode Command Line Tools path. Follow the detailed steps below to resolve the issue:

Step 1. Launch "Terminal" on your Mac. Use "Spotlight Search" or "Applications > Utilities > Terminal" to locate it.

Step 2. Run xcode-select -p to check the installation of Command Line Tools. If the result indicates a valid directory, the Command Line Tools are installed, but we must reset the Path.

Step 3. Run "sudo xcode-select –reset" to reset the Path. You may need your administrator password. This command will reset the Path to the default location.

Step 4. After resetting, verify the new Path by running: "xcode-select -p". The output should point to /Applications/

Step 5. If the Command Line Tools are not installed, you can install them using the command "xcode-select --install."

reinstall xcode

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Method 3. Install the Xcode Command Line Tool from the Apple Developer Website to Fix Invalid Active Developer Path

If you've installed or reinstalled command line tools via Terminal, restart your Mac, and are still receiving the issue, you may try manually installing command line Tools using a DMG file straight from Apple.

You'll need an Apple ID to get the download; then, go to, download Command Line Tools for Xcode (latest version), and manually install it.

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Fixing the "missing xcrun at: /library/developer/commandlinetools/usr/bin/xcrun" error can be straightforward by following the methods outlined above. Whether reinstalling Xcode Command Line Tools, resetting the Path, or manually installing from the Apple Developer Website, these solutions will help restore your Terminal functionality.

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Missing xcrun FAQs

Following are the commonly searched queries regarding missing xcrun at: /library/developer/commandlinetools/usr/bin/xcrun files:

1. What is xcrun and why would updating to macOS Sonoma cause this issue?

xcrun allows users to identify and call developer tools from the command line and run the services & functionalities provided by Xcode. Sometimes, updating to MacOS Sonoma cause xcrun issues due to missing command line tools, and outdated Path.

2. How do I solve xcrun error:invalid active developer path?

To solve the xcrun error: invalid active developer path, you can reinstall Command Line Tools by running xcode-select --install in Terminal, reset the Xcode Command Line Tools path with sudo xcode-select --reset, or manually install Command Line Tools from the Apple Developer Website.

3. What causes Git not to work after the macOS update?

Git may not work after a macOS update because the update can invalidate the active developer path. This means the Command Line Tools that are necessary for the Git to function are either missing or misconfigured, causing errors like "xcrun: error: invalid active developer path."

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