How to Recover Data From Reformatted and Reinstalled OS Laptop Hard Drive

My laptop collapsed due to a virus. I was unable to boot it or use it in any way. Windows 7 was reinstalled on it. Is it possible to recover the data I've lost? PS: Since the reinstallation, the laptop has not been used.

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Dany· Answered on Mar 09, 2023

The odds of recovery are limited because the act of reformatting and reinstalling will have erased the data you now want to recover, even if the laptop hasn't been used since Windows was installed again. But you still have a chance to recover the data on your laptop, and the following methods are all available. You can have a shot:

1. Restore from the backup before you encounter the virus. Most people will keep a backup on their external hard drive or on a cloud platform like Google Drive or OneDrive. If you have a previous backup, it will make things much easier. You can just take out your backup hard drive and restore lost data from it.

2. Recover with Windows File History. Windows File History can automatically create backups of your laptop, and if you don't remember to back up manually, this option can really help you a lot. You can choose "Restore files from a current backup" to get back the lost data on your laptop.

3. You can use the System Restore option to perform a system restore on your laptop, but the virus may be restored as well. If your Windows cannot boot after the restore, you have to try the next method.

4. Actually when your laptop cannot boot, the first thing you should do is not reinstall Windows operating system. You should rescue data from the laptop hard drive, and you can recover data from a hard drive that won't boot with hard drive recovery tools. We happened to have a functional program to recommend - EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. You can use this expert software with bootable discs to recover data from a Windows laptop hard drive that won't start and save all of the data from the failed hard drive to another safe external storage device when your laptop is unable to boot from a hard drive.


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