How to Fix PC Became Slow and Hard Drive Is Broken

My computer began to act strangely last night while downloading a file. Because it was unresponsive, I tried terminating the process using Google Chrome's task manager. I could still browse through my files and use other apps, but I only needed to use Chrome, so I restarted my computer. My computer stopped recognizing my secondary hard drive, which houses my downloads folder. Instead, my computer identified my 3TB secondary hard drive as an inactive system folder. I believe my hard drive is about to fail, but I'm praying I'm wrong. Is it possible to repair this? I can't even do simple computer activities.

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Jaden· Answered on Mar 25, 2024

It should also give you a head start in learning what causes slow performance on Windows-based PCs. It is worth noting that even if your PC or laptop can run the most recent Windows 11 version, the system may still require some more hardware or resources to improve performance. Here are some of the most prevalent reasons why Windows 10 is suddenly performing so slowly:

  • Hard disk corruption or fragmentation
  • A virus or malware has attacked the computer
  • There are far too many background programs
  • Your Windows or other software is out of date

Aside from defective network drivers, faulty or missing drivers for hardware pieces like the chipset, hard drive, hard drive controllers, graphics card drivers, and so on might cause your computer to slow down. If you haven't recently rebooted your computer, do so before attempting any of the fixes listed below.

  • Select the "Start" button.
  • Go to "Sign out or shut off - Restart."

A startup program is software or utility that runs when the computer boots up. Several programs are enabled as starting programs during the installation, which you may overlook. It's not difficult to see why the more startup apps you have, the longer it takes to boot your computer. As a result, you can eliminate some unwanted startup programs to speed up your Windows 10 computer launch.

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