Recover Data from SanDisk on Mac | All SanDisk Storage Devices

The best solution to recover data from a SanDisk on Mac is to apply professional data recovery software. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac can solve all data loss issues on SanDisk disks.

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Recover Data from SanDisk on Mac

SanDisk is a well-known brand that specializes in producing a wide range of storage devices, including USB flash drives, memory cards, HDDs, and SSDs. Whether you need to store photos, videos, music, or documents, SanDisk has a storage solution to meet your needs.

Encounter data loss on a SanDisk storage device on a Mac or MacBook? No worries! It is possible to recover data from SanDisk on Mac. The data will remain on the SanDisk storage devices for a while until you write new data to overwrite the original data.

In this passage, we'll provide an excellent way to recover data from any SanDisk storage device on a Mac.

How to Restore Data from SanDisk on Mac

Do you have recent SanDisk backups to restore on the Mac or a backup disk? If the answer is NO, you can trust professional SanDisk data recovery software for Mac to restore lost data.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac is one of the best choices; it's a 100% safe recovery tool that can help you restore lost SanDisk data on a Mac in a few minutes.


You Can Trust EaseUS Data Recovery Software

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard has acquired an extensive technical base in data recovery and trusted by billions of users since 2005. Check out reviews on Trustpilot.

With EaseUS SanDisk recovery tool, you can get back lost photos, documents, and videos from SanDisk devices on the Mac in three steps:

⭐Step 1. Connect Your SanDisk to the Mac and Scan

Before SanDisk data recovery, it's important to stop using the SanDisk device or saving new files on the disk. Connect the SanDisk USB drives, SD cards, external hard drives, or SSDs to the Mac and run the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac. Then, select the target SanDisk drive and scan it.

Note: If you encounter detection issues like SanDisk not showing up on Mac, you can click the refresh button or reconnect the disk to solve the problem quickly.

recover SanDisk on Mac

⭐Step 2. Find Lost Data on SanDisk Drive

During the scan process, you are allowed to filter files or recover external hard drives on a Mac. Use the Filter option properly to quickly locate and recover deleted photos, documents, archives, videos, and audio on the SanDisk drive. You can restore all the files at once or pick some of the files to recover.

recover SanDisk external hard drive mac

⭐Step 3. Preview and Recover Data from SanDisk

Before recovery, it is possible to preview the recoverable items with the EaseUS SanDisk data recovery tool. You can check the deleted pictures, Word pages, Excel spreadsheets, and videos in advance. Finally, click the "Recover" button to save these files.

Note: You can save recovered files to iCloud, Google Drive, or Dropbox if you don't have enough local storage space.

recover SanDisk external hard drive mac

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If you want to learn more about EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac, keep reading, then proceed to the next section.

SanDisk Data Recovery Software for Mac

EaseUS SanDisk data recovery software can help you recover deleted photos on Mac, as well as movies, Word documents, PDF files, music, and other files.

Here are some outstanding recovery features of the EaseUS SanDisk recovery program.

✅Support Various SanDisk Storage Devices on Mac

No matter the SanDisk SD card recovery on Mac or SanDisk USB, HDD, SSD, or memory card recovery, EaseUS can perform the recovery safely and quickly. Besides SanDisk, it can also recover data from other storage devices.

✅Solve Various SanDisk Errors on Mac Without Losing Data

When you encounter some SanDisk errors like the SanDisk hard drive not showing up, not mounting, corrupted, etc., you can apply the EaseUS recovery tool to recover lost data after fixing the SanDisk drive corruption. Even the formatted SanDisk USB/SD card/HDD/SSD can be recovered with EaseUS SanDisk recovery software.

✅Support Various File Formats on SanDisk Drive

From recovering common JPG, JPEG, MP3, MP4, and DOC files to the uncommon AAC, MXF, DCR, and EXE files, EaseUS can help you recover 1000+ file types from a SanDisk device.

You can completely trust EaseUS, and here are some customer reviews you can read for reference.


  • I contacted EaseUS support in a desperate panic. since I had lost my data and my product key was lost (as you can imagine you do not need to use Datarecovey every day... from JTo
  • My computer crashed and i lost everything. Was using an older version of Data Recovery software. I contacted online chat support and they reset my license so i could reinstall!!!!! THANK YOU!!!from Randy
  • App works perfectly and saved my formatted SD card and even managed to recover one or two batches before this photoshoot. Amazing.from Arie Dominic Chiam


After reading the whole passage, you should understand that the best way to recover data from a SanDisk drive on Mac is by applying reliable data recovery software.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac should be the best choice for SanDisk data recovery on Mac. If you are still hesitant, try this free trial now and get back your lost data on SanDisk devices.

SanDisk Recovery on Mac FAQs

Now, get more information about SanDisk recovery on Mac from the following questions and answers.

1. How do I recover my SanDisk external disk on my Mac?

The direct way to recover a SanDisk external disk on the Mac is to go to the Mac Trash or restore from recent backups. If you don't have any backup, it's better to find a suitable SanDisk recovery software like EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac.

2. Can I recover SanDisk data on a Mac online?

To recover data from a SanDisk drive on a Mac, you need to scan the hard drive and find lost data deeply. This process cannot be done online; you should download professional data recovery software to scan the disk locally.

3. What is the best SanDisk data recovery software for Mac?

  • EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac
  • R-Studio
  • Stellar Data Recovery for Mac
  • PhotoRec for Mac
  • Cisdem Data Recovery
  • SanDisk Rescue Pro

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