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Recover Deleted Email from Outlook/Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo Mail Messages

Updated on Oct 29, 2018 by Tracy King to File Recovery


This article provides a quick method and one reliable email recovery software to help you effectively recover deleted emails from Hotmail/Outlook/Gmail or Yahoo Mail Message in or after 30 days with a few simple clicks.

Quick Fix - Recover deleted email in 30 days
Recover deleted email from Outlook
Restore deleted email from Gmail
Retrieve deleted email messages from Hotmail
Undelete mail messages from Yahoo
Other Fix - Recover deleted emails after 30 days (with free file recovery software)

How to recover deleted or lost emails?

"Hey there, do you know how to recover lost emails in Outlook? I happened to clean up the Inbox folder and all of the received emails are all gone. How can I restore them? Please help me!"

Have you ever accidentally deleted important email messages or cleaned up the whole Inbox folder by mistake? Don't worry if you have no way to perform email recovery. Effective methods are available here inside this article to help you recover deleted or permanently deleted emails from Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc. Just follow to recover deleted emails now.

Mostly, Email trash folder only contains deleted emails for 30 days.
And you can find the deleted emails from trash within this period.
After 30 days, all deleted emails will be permanently deleted. If you have downloaded the .pst or saved files to a local drive on your PC, you may still have a chance. Powerful and free file recovery software is worth a try.

Quick FixRecover deleted email from Outlook/Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo trash folder (in 30 days)

Almost all email apps or programs have set a trash folder which works like the recycle bin on the PC to save or temporarily save deleted or unwanted email files. Therefore, if you happened to delete emails on Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo, you can simply follow the below guidelines to recover deleted email files from the trash folder:

Option 1. Recover deleted email from Outlook 

  • Step 1: Select the Deleted Items folder in the left pane of Outlook.com window.
  • Step 2: At the top of the window, select Recover deleted items.

Recover deleted email from Outlook.

  • Step 3: Then a dialog box will open with a list of deleted items.
  • Step 4: Choose the items or emails that you want to recover and click Recover > OK.

Recover deleted Outlook email.

Option 2. Restore deleted email from Gmail

  • Step 1: Open Gmail account and sign in > Click on Settings > Click on Labels.
  • Step 2: Click on Show trash. This will show your trash folder on the left pane of Gmail window.

Recover deleted email from Gmail.

  • Step 3: Now you can see all deleted email files in Trash folder.
  • Step 4: Select or check the wanted email and files, click on the mail icon at the top of the window with Move To words so to move your deleted emails to the Inbox.

Recover deleted Gmail email files.

Option 3. Retrieve deleted email messages from Hotmail

  • Step 1: Go to Hotmail website and sign in with your Hotmail account.
  • Step 2: Click Deleted on the left pane of Hotmail window.

Recover deleted Hotmail file.

  • If you don't see it, scroll down to find it. Deleted folder is usually listed at the end of the left pane.
  • Step 3: Click Recover deleted messages to bring back deleted mail messages.

Recover deleted email from Hotmail

Option 4. Undelete mail messages from Yahoo

  • Step 1: Log in Yahoo! Mail and go to Trash folder.

Recover deleted Yahoo email

  • Step 2: Open the desired message, check any messages you want to undelete in the message list.
  • Step 3: Click Move in Yahoo! Mail toolbar and select Inbox or other folder to recover the message.
  • Step 4: You can also drag and drop the email to any folder by pressing DO.

Recover deleted email from Yahoo.

Other FixRestore deleted (Outlook) emails after 30 days

As most email software or programs will only save temp files, deleted or temp email files in the trash for only 30 days. If the email has already been deleted for more than 30 days, no chance exists at all. They are permanently deleted.

If you downloaded your email database .pst/.ost files, saved received emails on a local drive of your PC and deleted them by mistake more than 30 days, don't worry. You can still have an alternative solution - EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition to recover deleted Outlook emails and partially saved files of Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo! mail messages after 30 days from your local PC.

PLUS: EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard only supports Outlook email recovery on a local PC. If you are a Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo! Mail Message user, please contact their customer service team for help.

See the detail steps of how to find your lost email files from the local drive of your computer now:

1. All email file recovery software or tools only support locally saved email files or folder recovery.
2. If you lost email files in an email app, with no local files saved on your PC, the chance will be minimized for email recovery.
3. Also, please find the location where you saved the lost email files or folder before applying the email recovery guide here for help.

Step 1. Run Email recovery software.

Select the right location - a hard drive or a specific location where you used to save the lost email files or folder.

Click "Scan" to let EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard fully scan and find lost emails.

Run data recovery software.

Step 2. Find lost email.

Find lost email files in the below location:

Deleted Files: If you accidentally deleted email files, it will appear here.

Drive x: Another place for you to find lost email files.

Search or Filter features can also help you quickly find the lost emails.

Find lost email files.

Step 3. Start Email recovery.

Now that, you can select found email files and click "Recover" to save on a secure location on your PC.

Restore Email.