CR2 Photo Recovery: Recover Deleted CR2 Photos

Is it possible to recover deleted CR2 photos? The answer is YES. With EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, you can easily recover deleted CR2 files from various storage devices. Keep reading this passage to learn the detailed tutorial.

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If you use a Canon digital camera, the photos will be saved in CR2 file format. CR2 photos have a high image quality and retain original data, so you can adjust more parameters in Photoshop. Anyway, you may lose CR2 photos in multiple situations. Don't worry! We will help you recover deleted CR2 photos on Windows with three methods.

recover deleted CR2 photos

Method 1. Recover Deleted CR2 Photos with Recovery Software

Whether you have deleted the CR2 photos from SD cards or accidentally formatted the SD card, you can regain the lost .cr2 files with professional photo recovery software. Choosing a safe and reliable recovery product to keep data safe and avoid secondary data loss is better.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can be a lifesaver when encountering CR2 photo deletion. This software can retrieve CR2 files from a local PC, SD cards, or external hard drives.

 Download for Win Recovery Rate 99.7%
 Download for Mac Trustpilot Rating 4.7

  • It supports CR2 photo recovery and can recover deleted JPEG, PNG, and GIF photos.
  • Recover photos from corrupted SD cards, memory cards, USB flash drives, and external hard drives.
  • Recover formatted SD card. You can retrieve CR2 files easily from a formatted storage device.

The following video introduces how to recover deleted photos with the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. You can follow the guide to download and install this software.

  • 00:00 - Causes of photos loss
  • 00:54 - What types of photos can you recover
  • 01:54 - How to recover deleted photos with EaseUS

After the video tutorial, you may learn more about photo recovery. Read the following written tutorial and recover deleted photos:

Step 1. Choose the location and start scanning

Hover on the SD card, camera, or hard drive partition where you deleted/lost pictures, then click "Scan for Lost Data".

select a location and scan for lost pictures

Step 2. Select the pictures you want to recover

Once the scanning completes, select "Pictures" in the left panel. If you want to locate the lost photos, click "Lost Files Only" on the top-right side. Then, you can find photos according to the devices, types, and dates.

filter the lost photos

Step 3. Recover lost photos

After the preview, click "Recover" and choose another location to save the desired pictures. You can save the recovered photos your local drive, external storage device or cloud storage.

Recover lost photos

This passage will introduce all the simple methods for CR2 photo recovery, and you can share this page now to market it.


Method 2. Recover Deleted .cr2 Files from Windows Recycle Bin

If you have already copied CR2 photos to the local PC and deleted them, the CR2 files may be moved to the Recycle BiBin. Check the following steps to find and check Recycle Bin Windows 11/10.

Step 1. The Recycle Bin will be found on the desktop, and its icon looks like a trash bin. Double-click the icon and open the Recycle Bin window.

find Recyele Bin

Step 2. If too many files and folders exist in the Recycle Bin, search .cr2 to find CR2 files.

Step 3. Select the CR2 files you want to restore and right-click them. Choose "Restore", and the files will be restored to their original location.

restore deleted CR2 photos from Recycle Bin

Note: Return to Method 1 if you have an emptied Recycle Bin. If you cannot find Recycle Bin or cannot open it, read the following passage to find solutions:

Recycle Bin cannot be opened

Fix Can't Find or Open Recycle Bin Windows 10

Somehow, you can't find the recycle bin icon on your desktop or can't open the recycle biBino to recover deleted files. Read more >>

Method 3. Retrieve Deleted CR2 Files with Windows File History

If you have enabled Windows File History to back up personal files, the deleted CR2 files may be backed up automatically with File History. If the File History service is greyed out, maybe you have not connected an external backup disk yet.

Step 1. Open the Windows search box and type in file history to launch it.

find File History in Windows 11

Step 2. You can find and click "Restore personal files" from the sidebar.

restore personal files in File History

Step 3. Choose a recent backup that contains the deleted CR2 photos. Find the target files and click the green button to recover them.

recover files with File History

Check more recovery methods if you don't have any backups:

recover deleted files without backup

How to Recover Deleted Files Without Backup in Windows 10/11

How to recover deleted files without backup in Windows? This guide covers 4 Efficient methods. Read more >>

Method 4. Get Back CR2 Files with Data Recovery Services

You can go to a local store to fix CR2 deletion issues. If you are in the USA, you can easily click the link to find US Data Recovery Services.

If you don't want to waste time going to the local lab and want to figure out if it is possible to recover data or other disk issues, you can contact EaseUS data recovery services. Our professional data recovery team will answer your questions and stay online 24 hours daily.

Consult with EaseUS data recovery experts for one-on-one manual recovery service. We could offer the following services after a FREE diagnosis

  • Repair corrupted photo files on RAID structure, unbootable Windows OS, and virtual disk file
  • Recover/repair lost partition and re-partitioned drive
  • Unformat the hard drive and repair the RAW drive (Bitlocker encrypted drive)
  • Fix disks that become GPT-protected partitions

Here are reasons that may lead to CR2 photo loss:

🗑️Accidental deletion While using the Canon digital camera to view photos, you may accidentally delete the photos from the SD card.
❌SD card formatting The SD card format option is on the digital camera, and you may format the SD card by mistake.
😰SD card failure If you use an old SD card, the card may get corrupted anytime. You'll encounter data loss and need to learn how to fix corrupted SD cards.
🛠️CR2 file damage The file may get corrupted or damaged during the copying, transferring, and downloading process.

If you have more methods or tips for retrieving deleted CR2 files, please share this passage and let more readers know.



You have probably learned all methods and recovered deleted CR2 photos from your PC or SD card. You can follow the tips below to avoid photo loss:

  • Back up CR2 photos to a local PC or external hard drive. Do not keep too many images on the SD card.
  • Use a reliable SD card to avoid sudden corruption. Buy a high-quality SD card like SanDisk, Kingston, Lexar, etc.
  • Eject the SD card from the PC or laptop safely. Do not remove the SD card directly.
  • Be cautious when deleting the CR2 photo. It would be best if you thought twice before deletion.
  • Download reliable photo recovery software – EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

 Download for Win Recovery Rate 99.7%
 Download for Mac Trustpilot Rating 4.7

CR2 Photo Recovery FAQs

This final part will help you learn more information about CR2 photo recovery:

1. Why do my recovered CR2 files not open?

The files may be damaged if the CR2 photos do not open after recovery. You can use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to recover the CR2 files again, and this software will automatically repair corrupted CR2 photos for you.

2. Can you retrieve deleted pictures from Canon?

Yes, you can remove the memory card from your Canon digital camera and use a card reader to connect the card to the PC. Then, download the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to retrieve deleted pictures. This tool supports Canon RAW Version 2.

3. How do you recover CR2 files from SD cards?

You can quickly recover CR2 files from an SD card with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard:

  1. 1. Launch the software and scan the SD card.
  2. 2. Filter the files and find the CR2 files.
  3. 3. Preview the photos and recover them.

4. What is the best CR2 recovery software?

The following software can help you recover CR2 files:

  • EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard
  • Disk Drill
  • Recuva
  • PhotoRec
  • Data Rescue
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