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Finley is interested in reading and writing articles about technical knowledge. Her articles mainly focus on file repair and data recovery.


Finley joined EaseUS as an SEO editor after graduating from university. She wants to solve user's problems and believes she can find her groove here.

Finley got a B.A. in English Education from LSNU, and she has been at the top of the list during the past four school years through her hard work. Finley can handle different articles writing perfectly thanks to her love of original English works.
Finley loves animals and adopted an abandoned cat named TT. She is also a huge fan of RPGs and photography, spending almost all her spare time enjoying them.

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Solve Sorry PowerPoint Can't Read ^0 | Best 7 Ways

If you're facing the frustrating issue of PowerPoint not being able to read a file with the error message PowerPoint can't read ^0, don't worry. In this article, we will share the best 7 ways to solve this problem and repair your presentation.

Finley   |   Feb 29, 2024

How Do I Recover My 32GB SD Card

How do I recover my 32GB SD card? Have you ever lost videos and photos from your SD card? This post will help you recover data from a 32GB SD card.

Finley   |   Feb 29, 2024

Excel File Open But Not Visible | 5 Genius Ways

When using Excel sheets to finish your work, it would be very annoying if the Excel file open but not visible. This post from EaseUS has provided you with five workable ways to open your Excel files and make their content visible.

Finley   |   Feb 29, 2024

Unable to Play Video Error 5 in Google Slides (100% Working)

Have you ever encountered a message saying 'unable to play video error 5' when you are trying to play a video embedded in your Google slides during your presentation? Feel at ease, this post will walk you through all the workable fixes to resolve this problem.

Finley   |   Feb 29, 2024

PowerPoint Keeps Crashing? Try Top 8 Fixes

Have you ever encountered PowerPoint Keeps Crashing when you are making an important presentation? Don't get panicky or annoyed when it happens to you. This post will look at workable methods for this error.

Finley   |   Feb 29, 2024

How to Fix Outlook Not Showing Attachments [8 Easy Ways]✅

Outlook not showing attachments is an annoying problem that needs immediate solutions. Therefore, this article has come up with the top 8 fixes and a professional tool named EaseUS Fixo Document Repair, which can quickly repair files.

Finley   |   Feb 29, 2024

How to Fix Cannot Open Recovered JPEG Files [8 Easy Fixes]

Do you encounter issues where you Cannot Open Recovered JPEG Files? This article from EaseUS will explore 8 easy fixes, from repairing to using alternative viewers and system repairs. Read on!

Finley   |   Feb 29, 2024

Is My External Hard Drive Dead

Is my external hard drive dead? How to check the hard drive's health and recover data from your corrupted hard drive? This post will show you all.

Finley   |   Feb 29, 2024

Recover ExFat External Drive Missing Files on macOS

Are you looking for the best solution to recover your ExFat external drive missing files on macOS? You can always retrieve your precious data with the help of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac.

Finley   |   Feb 29, 2024

How to Recover Deleted WebP Files

What to do if you have accidentally deleted WebP files from your devices? Use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for help. The detailed steps will be discussed in the following content.

Finley   |   Feb 29, 2024

Fix BadZipFile: File Is Not A Zip File [Ultimate Guide]

The error message 'badzipfile: file is not a zip file' is a Zip error often found in Python 3.9 and opepyxl. In this post, we have covered two effective ways to get this problem fixed.

Finley   |   Feb 29, 2024

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