Troubleshoot QuickTime Error 2048 Can't Play MOV Error

Users may encounter QuickTime error 2048 couldn't open the file when they play MOV files. It is actually a very common error message and can be easily fixed with the four ways mentioned in this post. Read on!

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  • Solutions to QuickTime Error 2048
  • FAQs on QuickTime Error 2048

❎Causes: Users may encounter QuickTime error 2048 when they are transferring files, especially MOV files, but a sudden system shutdown or poor network connection interrupts them. 

🪄Quick Solution: "You can use the VLC media player to view your video file."- from Apple Community

Besides changing media players, you can find solutions like consulting video repair tools, converting video format, and installing codecs in this post from EaseUS to solve QuickTime video-playing error. Keep scrolling!

Solution 1. Solve QuickTime Error 2048 Caused by Video Corruption with Third-Party Video Repair Software

One main cause of this error message is video corruption. If your MOV file is corrupted, you can use third-party software like EaseUS Fixo Video Repair to get your damaged videos.

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This excellent video repair solution can repair all corrupted, damaged, and broken video files, no matter the causes. Here are some features that make it stand out:

You can click the button to download this video repair tool for Mac and follow the steps here to get rid of this QuickTime error 2048:

Step 1. Download EaseUS Fixo on your Mac and launch it. Click "Video Repair" on the left and click "Add Video" to upload your corrupted MP4/MOV/MKV/3GP video file(s).

Select video repair and add video

Step 2. Select a targeted video and click the "Repair" button to start the single video repairing process. If you want to repair all the videos, select them all and click "Repair All".

Select corrupted video and start repair

Step 3. Wait a few minutes, and the corrupted videos will be repaired. The time you wait depends on how corrupted your videos are. Then click the "View Repaired" to preview the videos. To save the fixed video, hit the "Save" button. Keeping multiple videos is okay. Just choose "Save All" to complete.

View and save the fixed videos

Step 4. If the quick repair doesn't work, try the advanced repair mode. Choose "Advanced Repair" to start the process. After uploading an example video, select "Confirm".

Run the advanced video repair process

Step 5. A window of detailed information about the corruption and sample videos will pop up. Click "Repair Now" to start the process. When the repair is complete, you can view the fixed videos and click the "Save" button to keep the repaired video files on the path you want.

View and save the video repaired in advance mode

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Solution 2. Convert the Video File Format

Suppose you have already gotten used to using QuickTime player to play your video. In that case, you may convert your video format to another one supported by this media player, MPEG-4. Use the VLC media player, which can perform VLC repair, for help:

Step 1. Launch the VLC media player and go to "File" > "Browse" at the top-left corner.

choose convert or save under file

Step 2. Under this Profile section, select a video format that Quicktime player supports, MPEG-4, for example.

choose video format

Step 3. Now, click "Save as File" > "Browser" to choose a desired location to save your video file.

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Solution 3. Install Required Video Codecs for MOV or Other Video Files

You need certain codecs to play specific videos smoothly. The MOV or other file you are playing with QuickTime player may lack the necessary codecs. In this case, you need to download the appropriate codec pack from the Internet to fix the error.

You can download the Perian codec and use it like this:

Step 1. Double-click the Perian icon, and it will automatically install the needed codec.

Step 2. Darg all your QuickTime components from the library to the Perian component.

download and install perain

Step 3. Now, restart all programs that run QuickTime and open your video with Quicktime again.

Solution 4. Reinstall QuickTime Player to Solve Error Code 2048

The simplest but workable way is to uninstall and reinstall QuickTime and play your video again. You just drag the QuickTime icon and move it to the Trash. To reinstall it, type and search QuickTime in the App Store and click download.

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FAQs on QuickTime Error 2048

You can read the following questions to solve this QuickTime player error better:

1. How do I fix QuickTime error 2048?

You may do as follows:

  • Update or reinstall QuickTime 
  • Play your video with another media player
  • Install needed codecs 
  • Repair corrupted videos with video repair software

2. Why is QuickTime not working on my Mac?

There are actually two main reasons for this video-playing error. One is the QuickTime problem, the other is the file problem. 

QuickTime Player Cause:

Your media player may be outdated and may lack some specific codecs to play certain kinds of video. You may be using the old version of the player 

Video File Cause:

The video you use QuickTime Player to play may be corrupted or damaged, so you cannot open it with any media player. Or your video has missing codecs, so it cannot be played smoothly.

3. Why can't I open a movie in QuickTime player?

There are chances that your QuickTime player is outdated or incompatible with your video. You just need to update your QuickTime player and play your video again.

Bottom Line

QuickTime error 2048 pops out when you are still running outdated, or your video has incompatible codecs. You can eliminate this error code by converting the video format, installing necessary codecs, and reinstalling or updating your QuickTime player. If all the ways above fail, use EaseUS Fixo Video Repair for help. Try it now!

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