File Not Found or No Read Permission [Fixed on PC]

Some users reported receiving the file not found or no read permission problem when attempting to create a compressed folder in Windows 10. How can I resolve this issue? This page about Fixo Repair will provide you with answers.

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Windows 11 contains a built-in program for zipping and unzipping files. However, some users may receive the error "file not found or no read permission" when attempting to zip files using the program. A user from Reddit posted his problem as follows:

I'm attempting to ZIP some rather large files (the contents of a cell phone), and part of the way through the ZIP process, I'll receive a "file not found or no read permission" error. I am just attempting to do so by right-clicking the file > send to > compressed (zipped) folder. I know there are ZIP-related programs out there. Should I explore using one of those, or is there an easier fix to this? As always, thank you for any and all assistance. - Reddit

What Is File Not Found or No Read Permission Error

This problem - file not found or no read permission on Windows 11 usually appears when you try to unpack a Zip file while logged in as a limited user. This problem may also occur when you attempt to create the file compression.

There are various probable causes for the file not being found or the read permission zip issue.

  • 💻Your Microsoft user account does not have the necessary permissions to perform this operation.
  • ⚔️One of the files in that folder may be protected by a program.
  • ✍️You do not have write or read permissions to create a zipped folder.

How to Repair Corrupted Compressed Files and Folder

You can repair the corrupted compressed archive files and folder when you get the "file not found or no read permission" error while zipping.

The simplest way to restore corrupted ZIP files is to use a reputable zip repair software such as EaseUS Fixo Document Repair, which will quickly restore them. EaseU Fixo can recover all damaged files, including files and other data, in only three simple steps.

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You can now read the detailed procedures below to discover how you can repair the corrupted compressed files with the program.

✨Step 1. Download, install, and launch EaseUS Fixo Document Repair

You can get this repair tool via the download button we provided or through other official channels. After installation, double-click the Fixo icon to start it. Select and fix corrupted Word, Excel, PDF, and other documents by clicking "File Repair" > "Add Files".

add files to repair documents with Fixo

✨Step 2. Repair corrupted documents now

After adding the files, click "Repair" to repair a single zip file or "Repair All" to repair all of the files in the list.

select documents to repair

✨Step 3. Preview and save repaired documents

The zip file is ready to save. You can also click the eye icon to preview the documents. After selecting "Save All," in the pop-up window, choose "View Repaired" to find the fixed zip files.


Many Windows 10/11 users have proved the efficacy of the tool in repairing documents, photos, and videos. If you are interested in resolving the file recovery, share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms!


Other Tips to Fix the Files Without Read Permission

To resolve the Compressed (Zipped) Folders Error, File not found, or archive is corrupted while zipping on Windows 11/10, try the following fixes:

💡Fix 1. Create a New User Account

If your account doesn't have permission to compress files, you may create a new one to get the appropriate rights:

Step 1. To open "Settings", press the Start menu button and then select the gear symbol ⚙️. You can also reach it by using the Windows key + I.

open Settings

Step 2. In Settings, navigate to the "Accounts" tab and click the "Family & Other Users" option.

navigate to the Accounts

Step 3. Click the "Add account" button to add someone else to this PC.

Step 4. Follow the on-screen prompts to create a new user account. Once the operation is complete, press the CTRL + ALT + DELETE key sequence and select "Sign out."

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Finally, sign into the newly formed user account and attempt to create the zip folder again.

💡Fix 2. Check if Any Process Using the File

Another possible cause of the "File not found or no read permission" issue while zipping files or folders in Windows 11 is if another process or program currently uses one or more of the files you want to zip. Then, you don't currently have permission to access this folder.

When a file is in use, the operating system may lock it, preventing further actions such as zipping from being performed on it. Numerous processes or programs attempting to access the file at the same time can cause conflicts or data damage.


Hopefully, you now understand what caused the "file not found or no read permission on Windows 10/11" issue and how to fix it. We are also hopeful that by following the aforementioned procedure, you were able to resolve the access denied error.

Finally, never use an unreliable program to decompress a ZIP folder, and always use a good file repair application, such as EaseUS Fixo Document Repair, to repair any corrupted files and folders.

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If you find this information helpful, please share it with others on social media to assist them in overcoming this common challenge.


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