How to Fix Sonoma Won't Mount External Drives

I have had an external OWC Thunderbay 4-bay system for years, and it really works great on all of my Intel Macs. But when I connected it to my new Mac, MacBook Pro M1, it refused to mount, and I have no idea why this happened.

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Finley· Answered on Jan 04, 2024

If you are now facing the Sonoma won't mount external drives error, you can first try fixing it in the following two methods: 

Check if your external hard drive is mountable in desktop:

  • Go to "Finder" > "Preferences" > "General"
  • Make sure the "External disks" option is checked
  • Then you may see the eternal hard drive mounted on your desktop

Fix your unmountable external hard drive with Terminal:

  • Go to "Applications" > "Utility" > "Terminal"
  • Type in diskutil list and search for the section labeled /dev/disk_ and remember the disk number
  • Type in diskutil info disk_. You need to replace "_" with your external disk number. 

Once finished, type in type in diskutil eject disk_ to remove your eternal drive.

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