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To repair damaged RAR file online, the prevalent way is to consult an online repair tool like EaseUS Online Document Repair. You can also perform RAR repair with WinRAR and forcefully open your corrupted RAR or Zip files.

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Are you looking for a tool to repair damaged RAR files online? It is surely a great choice when you find something wrong with your RAR or Zip files and want to repair them as soon as possible.

Workable Solutions Step-by-step Troubleshooting
Repair Corrputed RAR Files Online Free with EaseUS Online Document Repair Open the official website and drag your corrupt document here. You can also click ...Full steps
Repair Damaged RAR Files Online with OfficeRecovery

Visit the official page and click the "Choose File" button to upload your files...Full steps

Fix Corrupted RAR Files Online with OnlineFile.Repair Open its official page and click "Select File" to upload corrupted RAR files...Full steps

The best solution should be EaseUS Online Document Repair, which frees you from the process of downloading third-party software. Other than this, you can also use fix WinRAR archive and forcefully extract your files with WinRAR.

Repair RAR Files Online Free with EaseUS Online Document Repair

The best and easiest solution to fix corrupted WinRAR files online is to resort to an online repair website like EaseUS Online Document Repair.

This online document repair tool is a powerful free document saver, and it can help you fix corrupted files and folders online, especially Zip and RAR files.

EaseUS Online Document Repair

This tool can also help you fix corrupted RAR files and repair corrupted archives on Android. All you need to do is visit the website, upload your corrupt RAR/Zip files, and enter the code in the email. Read the detailed steps here:

Step 1. Open the official website and drag your corrupt document here. You can also click "Upload Document" and find the location where your Word, PowerPoint, Excel or PDF files are stored.

upload document

Step 2. Before the repair process, you need to enter your email address to receive the education code you will use in step 4. Now, click "Strat Repairing" to launch the process. Wait patiently for the process to end. You can leave the site during the repair but remember not to close it.

click start repairing

Step 3. EaseUS will send you the extraction code when the repair is finished. Go back to the page, type your code, and click "OK" to save your file.

enter the code and click ok

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Repair Damaged RAR Files Online with OfficeRecovery

OfficeRecovery is an online zip archive repair tool that can easily fix your RAR/Zip files. Follow the steps here to fix the RAR file online:

Step 1. Visit the official page and click the "Choose File" button to upload your files. 

choose file in officerecovery

Step 2. Then, tap on the "Secure Upload and Repair" in green to launch the repair process. 


Step 3. The process bar will appear, and you just need to wait patiently. Once the repair is complete, you can choose between free and paid options to download the repaired files.

🪄Tip: You can click the "reset" button to refresh the process if it is stuck.

Though this online RAR repair tool is a great helper, it will charge according to your file size and type.

Fix Corrupted RAR Files Online with OnlineFile.Repair 

Another viable alternative is OnlineFile.Repair. It is an all-in-one online tool that can fix various file types. Here is the step-by-step guide that helps you easily follow suit.

Step 1. Open its official page and click "Select File" to upload corrupted RAR files.

Step 2. Enter a valid email address and tap on "Next Step" to proceed.

click select file and then enter email address

Step 3. Now, the file recovery will start automatically. Tap "Show Preview" to preview the repaired files when they finish. You can also download the repaired RAR file directly by choosing "Download Demo".

To get the full version of the repaired RAR files, you need to click "Next Step" and check your payment. In the email you received, you can better check the detailed information of your corrupted RAR file.

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Common Reasons for Corrupted RAR Files

In fact, RAR is highly associated with WinRAR. It is a compressed archive format made with WinRAR. It is also a high-quality compressed file that can be encrypted with a password. 

There are many causes leading to broken files; you can read them one by one to nip the danger in the bed:

  • ❓The disk has bad sectors, or the system has errors
  • ❎The downloaded files are incomplete
  • 🦠Your files are attacked by malware or virus
  • 🖥️Sudden shutdown of your computer

FAQs on Repair Damaged RAR Files Online

This post provides three methods to repair damaged RAR files. Read this FAQ part if you have other questions.

1. How do I fix a damaged RAR file?

You can choose from the following methods:

  • Utilize online file repair tools like EaseUS Online 
  • Use WinRAR to perform WinRAR repair
  • Forcefully open the corrupted RAR files

2. How can I repair a damaged ZIP file online?

Use EaseUS Online Document Repair, visit its website, and do as follows:

  • Upload your corrupted Zip files or directly drag them to the target place
  • Click "Start Repairing" and wait patiently
  • Once the repair process is done, enter the code sent in the email to download the repaired files 

3. What is the repair tool for RAR files?

You can use EaseUS Online Document Repair if downloading software is annoying. But if the quick repair fails, you may use a desktop solution like EaseUS Fixo File Repair to fix your RAR file better.

Final Words

With the help of this post, you may have already had a brief idea of the effective solutions for repairing RAR/Zip files online. The reasons leading to corrupt RAR files vary, but you can always repair damaged RAR file online with EaseUS Online Document Repair.

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