Fix YouTube Video Is Black | 4 Easy Methods

If you have endured the YouTube video is black error when enjoying movies and series, you hit the right place. In this post, we will look at 4 effective ways to solve black screen on YouTube. Read on.

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If you are a movie fan, YouTube should be one of your most visited websites. But nothing is perfect; you may encounter issues like YouTube video is black during film-watching. It is really annoying, especially when you set everything ready. But please feel at ease; you can solve your issue with the following 4 fixes. Keep scrolling!

1. Log Out of YouTube Or Google Account to Fix Black YouTube Video

If somebody else is using your account when you watch a video, YouTube may turn black on the screen suddenly. You can try to sign out of your YouTube account and log in again:

Step 1. Click the Account symbol on your top right corner.

Step 2. Click "Sign out".

sign out youtube

Step 3. Enter your account password or the verification code to sign in again.

2. Disable Browser Add-ins to Fix YouTube Video Black Screen

You can temporarily turn off your browser add-ins - like ad-blocking add-ons - to prevent them from hindering the way. This way is also workable when you encounter unable to play video error 5 in Google Slides. Here are the detailed steps:

Step 1. Enter the following path in the address box to open Chrome settings.


Step 2. Disable the unwanted extensions by toggling the blue switch.

disable add-ins

Step 3. Now, Restart your browser and YouTube to see if the black screen persists.

3. Clear Browsing Data and History to Fix YouTube Show A Black Screen

The crux may lie in your browser if the problem is not about YouTube. For example, browsing data and caches may be the culprits stopping your YouTube from operating properly. 

Follow the step-by-step guide here to clear the cache and cookies in Google:

Step 1. Open Google Chrome and go to "Settings" by clicking the three-dot icon.

Step 2. Click on "More Tools" and select "Clear Browsing Data".

Step 3. Set the period as "All time" and check the cache you want to clear. Click "Clear Data".

clear cache and cookies

4. Update Your Browser to Fix YouTube Black Screens

If clearing the cache fails to work, you may try updating the browser like this:

Step 1. Also, locate the three-dot icon at the top-right of your Chrome.

Step 2. Move your pointer to "Help" and select "About Google Chrome".

choose about google chorme under help

Step 3. Google Chrome will check its versions and update automatically.

Refresh your page and open your YouTube again. By the way, the same method can also be applied when VLC black screen.

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FAQs on YouTube Video Is Black Screen Problem

Here are some frequently asked questions prepared for you. Read them to get your puzzles solved.

1. Why do YouTube videos show up black?

Many reasons can lead to it, like connection issues, app problems, or accidental hardware malfunction.

2. Why is my YouTube video not displaying?

The cache and cookies may hinder it in your browser. The add-ins may also be the culprit if you haven't updated them for a long time.

3. How do I fix a black screen on YouTube?

You can first log out of your YouTube account and log in again. Updating your browser or clearing its cookies and cache may also help.

Final Words

This post has covered four easy ways to fix YouTube video is black. You can try them individually to see if the problem still exists. If you find the downloaded YouTube videos are corrupted, use EaseUS Fixo Video Repair as your last res

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