How to Repair INSV Video Files on Mac and Windows

Hey, I just bought an Insta306 camera and took many pictures. But when I exported them to my PC, I was surprised to find that they were all corrupted. I tried to open them with Insta36 Studio and it still failed to show any of them. Is there any possible way to repair my corrupted INSV files ASAP?

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Finley· Answered on Jan 05, 2024

INSV is a unique video format that is applied by Insta360 cameras. And it is recommended to OPEN INSV files with Insta360 Studio on Windows and Mac. However, INS files may get corrupted due to improper camera handling or interruption during recording to transfer. This is when EaseUS Fixo Video Repair shines. 

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Follow the steps to repair your corrupted files and get your precious memory back:

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Fixo on your PC. Choose "Video Repair" from the left panel and add the corrupted INSV files by clicking "Add Videos".

Step 2. Move the mouse to a video and click "Repair" to repair one specific video. Click "Repair All" to repair all videos added.

Step 3. You can click the play icon to preview the repaired videos when the repair process is finished. Click the "Save" button to save repaired videos.

If the quick repair fails, you can utilize the advanced repair mode of this video repair tool. Just upload a video taken with the same device and at the same volume to fix your videos better.

Or, you can use the Insta Studio to repair corrupted INSV files:

  • Open Insta360 Studio and import your corrupted video files.
  • Drag the file to the timeline and right-click it. Choose "Fix Video".
  • Select the "Repair" and wait for the process to finish.

Notice: You need to save the repaired file in a different format once the process is finished.

Sure, you can use the built-in utility of this player. Still, if you want to repair your video files effectively and easily, EaseUS Fixo Video Repair is a better alternative to repair INSV video files.

EaseUS Fixo helps to repair corrupted videos, photos, emails, Word, Excel, PPT and other types of files.

Learn how to use EaseUS Fixo to repair corrupted pictures, videos and documents from PCs, laptops, cameras or drones.

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