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Have you been dealing with unable to load video iPhone error? You have come to the right place; this article illustrates the top 7 ways to resolve this error. One method entails downloading the EaseUS Online Video Repair, which assists in fixing corrupted videos.

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Most iPhone users have gone through this error once in their lifetime, where "unable to load video iPhone" pop-up on the screen. Even after a successful upgrade to their iOS, this issue pops up out of nowhere, irrespective of the iPhone model a user owns.

"I have been dealing with an 'unable to load video' error after I updated my iPhone to iOS16. It's frustrating as I can't binge-watch videos on my device. Is there any way to resolve this?" 

- Report from Apple Community

Since this pesky error deters you from watching your favorite shows on your iPhone, it's understandable that you want to fix it soon. Without delay, get started with some of the best fixes to help eliminate this video-loading error.

Method 1. Repair Unable to Load Video iPhone with Online Video Repair Tool

As a video file is an amalgamation of data that works closely to generate the video you would like to binge-watch, one of these pieces of information is corrupted, and then the video will be shattered. For instance, you're unable to play a video file on your iPhone when the index is corrupted.

In this crucial circumstance, you may require a powerful repair tool to repair corrupted videos online; otherwise, you will never be able to watch it. EaseUS provides a powerful online video repair tool, EaseUS Online Video Repair, enabling you to mend damaged video files online.

Being a complimentary video file repair tool online, it works directly from your browser without the installation hassle. The leading features of this professional video repair software are the following:

Here are the detailed guide to help your repair corrupted files online for free and solve unable to load video iPhone:

Step 1. Open EaseUS Online Video Repair and Upload Problematic Video

Open EaseUS Online Video Repair page: https://repair.easeus.com/, click "Update Video", or drag and drop a corrupted, broken, or not playing video to the right area to upload.

Upload video

Step 2. Enter a Valid Email Address and Start Repairing Video

Enter a valid email address and click "Start Repairing" to upload and repair the malfunctioning video.

enter email address

Step 3. Wait for the Automatic Uploading and Repairing Process to Finish

This online repair tool will automatically upload and repair the corrupted or broken video for you. You can leave the repairing page opened and continue doing other stuff.

  Uploading and repairing video

Step 4. Enter Extraction Code and Download Repaired Video

When the repairing process completes, you can preview the video at the right pane. Also, you'll receive an email with a video extraction code.

Go and find the code, reopen the online repair. page. Then click "Download Video" and enter the extraction code, click "OK" to start downloading the repaired video.

Enter extraction code, download the repaired video

Visit this professional online video repair page now! If you find this tool helpful, share this information with your friends on social media. 


Method 2. Check the Internet Connection to Solve Video Not Loading on iPhone

You can first watch this video and follow suit to try some simple methods to see if they work:

  • 04:01 - Low Power Mode
  • 05:02 - Updating Your Phone's iOS Version
  • 07:08 Using iCloud to Restore Videos

The videos stored in iCloud would demonstrate load error on the iPhone when the internet connection is off, or you have an unstable Wi-Fi connection. If you have faced this unable-to-load video error while loading a top-rated version of the videos on your iPhone, you may switch to a strong wi-fi connection. It's crucial to remember that high-speed cellular data or wi-fi speed is required for streaming videos on your iPhone.

Method 3. Check iPhone's Storage to Fix iPhone Video Not Load

When you're unable to load video iPhone high-quality videos or photos, it's necessary to check its storage as its being full may cause this inconvenience. Therefore, go through the steps below to check your iPhone's storage when videos are not loading:

Step 1. Navigate to "Settings" > "General" > "[Device-iPhone] storage.

check iphone storage

Method 4. Turn off the Optimize Storage option to Fix Unable to Load Video on iPhone

If you have this "Optimize Storage option" enabled, your iPhone will quickly delete earlier videos and photos you haven't viewed in a while. It will also let you store more videos and pictures on the device. To turn off this optimized storage option, you need to follow the steps below:

Step 1. Navigate to "Settings" and hit your name.

Step 2. Hit "iCloud" > "Photos."

Step 3. Tap the "Download and Keep Originals" option underneath "Optimize iPhone Storage."

select download and keep originals

Remember to share this post with your friends who are also iPhone users to help them solve this video-loading issue:


Method 5. Force Restart iPhone

You have the option to force restart the iPhone forcibly you're using by doing the subsequent actions if it is unlikely to restart:

Step 1. Hold the "Volume Up" button on an iPhone 8 or afterward.

Step 2. Hit the "Volume down" button, and release it after some time.

Step 3. Hit the "Power button" until the Apple logo pops up.

press and hold the power button until the apple logo appears

The subsequent instructions will allow you to force restart your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus:

Step 1. Hit the "Power" button.

Step 2. Keep pressing the "Volume Down" button.

Step 3. Hold both buttons for a few seconds until the "Apple logo" pops up.

Follow the steps below if you own an iPhone 6 or 6S Plus:

Step 1. Hit the "Power" button.

Step 2. Keep pressing the "Home" button.

Step 3. Keep holding the buttons for a few seconds until the "Apple Logo" emerges.

Method 6. Update the App or iOS

You may quickly update your iPhone to get "unable to load video iPhone" fix. To update your iPhone, go through the steps below:

Step 1. Navigate to "Settings" > "General" > "Software Update."

select general from settings

Step 2. Hit "Download and Install" followed by "Install Now."

FAQs on Unable to Load Video iPhone

These are the FAQs to consider to understand the topic better:

1. Why does my iPhone say it is unable to load video?

One of the most common reasons for this error is if the internet connection is unstable or off. The videos stored in iCloud would show unable to load error on your iPhone if the internet connection is poor. Other prevalent reasons are optimized storage being toggled on or your iPhone having inadequate storage. Other possible reasons:

  • Improper powering off your iPhone
  • Virus attacks
  • Unstable internet connection
  • Media transfers or downloaded are incomplete

2. How do I fix my iPhone when it says unable to load pictures?

In that case, you may restart your iPhone as this error might ensue from a technical glitch, which will be resolved after this. Otherwise, you may fix this error by updating your iOS device.

3. How do you fix a video that won't play on an iPhone?

In that instance, turning off the optimize storage option is crucial. On the other hand, you may also create free space on your iPhone to fix this error.


If your iPhone is struggling to load images or videos or unable to load video, an error occurred while loading a higher quality version of this video iPhone, don't panic. You can resolve an unforeseen problem by following the steps listed above. After fixing it, you can access all of your pictures and videos to reminisce about your valuable experiences. If one of the videos gets corrupted after resolving this issue, it's recommended that you visit the EaseUS Online Video Repair tool to solve unable to load video iPhone photos.

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