How Can I Repair Corrupted SR2 Files?

Hey, while I was moving all my SR2 files to my PC, they got corrupted accidentally. And these photos were very critical for my presentations last week. Is there any way to get them repaired? It would be appreciated if a step-by-step guide were given.

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Finley· Answered on Jan 05, 2024

If you are a skilled Sony camera user, you should be familiar with the SR2 format. Short for Sony RAW 2, it is a raw camera image made by Sony digital cameras. They are high-quality, uncompressed photos that can be edited more precisely. 

They are RAW file formats that are difficult to fix if they become corrupt. EaseUS Fixo Photo Repair, on the other hand, is a one-of-a-kind software that can repair Sony camera RAW file formats.

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Its sophisticated algorithms repair any corruption in photos with SR2 file extensions. To perform SR2 file repair, we highly recommend you use EaseUS Fixo Photo Repair to help repair corrupt RAW photos. Here is what you can do to repair corrupted SR2 files:

Step 1. Open Fixo by clicking its icon. Click "Add Photos" to select the photos you want to repair.

Step 2. Select "Repair All" to repair all the photos you added. But if you want to repair one specific photo, go to the target photo and choose "Repair".

Step 3. Click the eye icon to see the repaired photos and click "Save" to save the selected photo. You can also select "Save All" to save all the repaired photos.

In addition to third-party tools like EaseUS Fixo Photo Repair, you can try to convert your photo format or consult professional photo editors like Adobe Photoshop, DxO PhotoLab, and Lightroom to fix minor damage. But if you want to use these tools, you may need a more detailed tutorial book, and you have to spend your free time learning them. So, if you are looking for a more effective way, EaseUS Fixo Photo Repair is a better choice.

EaseUS Fixo helps to repair corrupted videos, photos, emails, Word, Excel, PPT and other types of files.

Learn how to use EaseUS Fixo to repair corrupted pictures, videos and documents from PCs, laptops, cameras or drones.

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