How Should I Repair Corrupted TIFF Files?

Hello, I am desperate for help. Yesterday I visited a museum and took a lot of photos with affection. Today, I happened to see a photo contest online and am about to submit one of the photos I shot yesterday. But I surprisingly found that they are all corrupted. Is there any way to repair them? They are all TIFF files.

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Finley· Answered on Jan 05, 2024

TIFF format is well known for its high adaptability and capacity to store high-quality pictures. TIFF is a common photo format used by photographers and publishers who take picture quality first, for it can hold numerous images or pages as well as additional metadata.

These sensitive TIFF files can be found on in-camera memory cards and are easily corruptible or lost. But there are workable ways to repair your corrupted photos.

EaseUS Fixo Photo Repair can be a great solution to repair your corrupted TIFF photos. It is a professional and reliable photo repair tool that even a computer novice can utilize easily.

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With this photo repair software, you can repair multiple TIFF files simultaneously and preview the repaired photos before saving them. Here is how you should follow to repair corrupted TIFF files:

Step 1. Open Fixo by clicking it. Tap "Add Photos" to upload the photo you want to repair.

Step 2. Go to the photo you want to repair and choose "Repair". You can also select "Repair All" to repair all the photos added.

Step 3. If you want to preview the repaired photos, click the eye icon. And if you want to save all repaired photos, just tap on "Save All".

Professional photographers must always make a backup of their critical photos. But you cannot expect the unexpected. When your TIFF files get corrupted accidentally, you can take a powerful repair tool like EaseUS Fixo Photo Repair for help. Try it now if you have the same problem.

EaseUS Fixo helps to repair corrupted videos, photos, emails, Word, Excel, PPT and other types of files.

Learn how to use EaseUS Fixo to repair corrupted pictures, videos and documents from PCs, laptops, cameras or drones.

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