Fix Word Cannot Open the Existing File Or Global Template (Normal.dotm)

Having trouble with Word showing the error Word cannot open the existing file or global template? Follow our easy steps to fix this issue and get back to working on your documents effortlessly.

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Encountering the error message "Word cannot open the existing file Normal.dotm" signifies a problem preventing Microsoft Word from accessing or loading this crucial template file. Therefore, it can disrupt your document creation or editing process, causing frustration for users striving to utilize Word effectively. 

If you are frustrated by the "Word cannot open the existing file normal dotm Office 2016 error, let's explore methods to address and resolve this issue. Below are various approaches accompanied by step-by-step instructions to help you overcome the "Word cannot open the existing file normal.dotm Windows 10" error.

Fix 1. Fix Word Cannot Open the Existing Global Template with EaseUS Fixo Document Repair

EaseUS Fixo Document Repair is a powerful tool designed to resolve issues where Word cannot open an existing global template. Whether you encounter corruption errors, formatting issues, or other document-related problems, EaseUS Fixo Document Repair provides a reliable solution.

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This file repair software is a great office mate that can repair corrupted files with simple clicks. This Microsoft repair tool can also fix common Word cases like Microsoft has stopped working, Word keeps crashing, and Word cannot open the document.

With its advanced repair algorithms, this software is your go-to solution for restoring corrupt or inaccessible Word documents. Follow the steps here to fix corrupted docx files

✨Step 1.  Download, install, and launch EaseUS Fixo Document Repair

You can download this repair tool with the download button we gave you or other official ways. After the installation, you can double-click the Fixo icon to launch it. Click "File Repair" > "Add Files" to select and repair damaged Word, Excel, PDF, and other documents.

add files to repair documents with Fixo

✨Step 2. Repair corrupted documents now

After adding the documents, you can click "Repair" to fix a document specifically or select "Repair All" to repair the whole files in the list altogether.

select documents to repair

✨Step 3. Preview and save repaired documents

Now, the files are ready to be saved. You can also click the eye icon to preview the documents. After clicking "Save All", select "View Repaired" in the pop-up window to locate these repaired files.

save repaired documents in Fixo

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Fix 2. Change Component Security Settings to Fix Word File Not Opening

When the security settings in Windows act as a barrier to opening your Word document, resetting the Component Security settings to their default configuration becomes necessary. This method is a quick fix when Microsoft Office cannot open this file because some parts are missing or invalid.

Here's a guide on how to make these adjustments:

Step 1. Type dcomcnfg into the search button and press the "Enter" key.

type dcomcnfg

Step 2. Click on "Component Services" on the new window that appears.

Step 3. In the center pane, locate the "Computers" folder and double-click to expand it.

Step 4. Right-click on "My Computer" and select "Properties."

select properties

Step 5. Choose "Default Properties." 

Step 6. In the "Default Distributed Com Communication Properties" section, opt for "Default" from the drop-down menu for Default Authentication Level.

Step 7. From the Default impersonation level drop-down menu, select the '"dentify" impersonation level, and then click the "OK" button.

Fix 3. Check Your Trust Center Settings And Resolve Normal.dotm

In the latest Word versions, strict security policies for copied or downloaded data might prevent document access due to Enabled Protected View settings. 

To address this, you need to adjust the policy with the following steps:

Step 1. Launch "Microsoft Word" and navigate to "File" > "Options."

go to options

Step 2. Access "Trust Center" and click the button directly below "Trust Center Settings."

go to trust center\

Step 3. Opt for "Protected View," clear all settings, and then click the "OK" button.

Step 4. Reopen the Word document, and you should now be able to access it without encountering any errors.

Fix 4. Check WINWORD.EXE in Task Manager to Fix Word Files Cannot Open

If Microsoft Word fails to open on Windows, promptly troubleshoot the issue using the following method:

Step 1. Right-click on "Taskbar" and select "Task Manager."

open task manager

Step 2. Check the "Details" tab to verify if WINWORD.exe is running. If it's active, your Windows OS assumes the software functions smoothly without displaying error notifications.

Step 3. Right-click the active service, WINWORD.exe, and opt for "End Process" before restarting MS Word.

Fix 5. Use Open And Repair Feature of Microsoft Office 

When a file is corrupted, preventing proper Word document opening, all is not lost. To open and repair Word and address the issue:

Step 1. Launch "Word."

Step 2. Navigate to the "File" menu or "Microsoft Office" button and click "Open."

click open

Step 3. In the "Open" dialog box, select the blank Word file.

Step 4. Tap the down arrow on the "Open" button, and choose "Open and Repair."

choose open and repair

This built-in Microsoft Word feature will rectify any detected corruption problems within these documents.

Fix 6. Update Microsoft Word App to Solve File Not Opening in Word

If your Microsoft Office Word encounters disruptions or crashes, it may be attributed to an outdated Office version or Windows system. Follow these steps to install the latest Microsoft Office updates and address the issue of being unable to open Word documents:

Step 1. Open "MS Word."

Step 2. Navigate to "File."

Step 3. Choose "Account" from the left panel.

choose account

Step 4. Look for "Office Updates" in the right panel.

Step 5. Click the downward arrow adjacent to "Update options."

Step 6. Select "Update Now" from the drop-down list.

select update now

Step 7. Wait for the checking and updating process to complete.

Step 8. MS Word will notify you once the update is successfully applied.

FAQs on Word Cannot Open the Existing File

Explore some common queries about Word that cannot open the existing file. If you're facing any of these issues, use the solutions in this post.

1. Why is my Word document not letting me open it?

Encountering difficulties in accessing Word documents on Windows can stem from various reasons. These include:

  • Opening a document made in an earlier version of Microsoft Word, such as 2007, after an upgrade. 
  • Installed add-ins. 
  • File corruption 
  • Attempting to save multiple documents simultaneously.

2. Why can't I open old Word documents?

The problem of being unable to open older Word documents may be linked to the document's format, which might not be fully compatible with certain Word file elements. Converting the Word file to a different format could provide access to new features and resolve compatibility issues.

3. How do I fix a Word document that won't open?

The "Open and Repair" command offers a potential solution for repairing your file. Follow these steps:

Step 1. Click on "File" > "Open" > "Browse," and navigate to the location or folder where the Word document is stored.

Step 2. Select the desired file and click the arrow next to "Open." 

Step 3. Choose "Open and Repair" to initiate the repair process.

Final Words 

In summary, difficulties opening Word documents on Windows can be attributed to various factors, including interference from installed add-ins, file corruption, and the simultaneous saving of multiple documents. If you're grappling with persistent Word document opening problems, EaseUS Fixo Document Repair is your go-to solution to Word cannot open the existing file. Download it today to repair your corrupted Word documents.

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