My SD Card Is Not Showing Up in Finder, What Should I Do?

Hello, I have an SD card, and I put it into my MacBook Pro today to transfer my critical files. It showed up in Finder when I plugged the card reader in. But later, I accidentally dragged it out, and now it is gone from Finder. I tried to plug and unplug it again and again, but it did not help. How can I find my SD card drive again?

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Finley· Answered on Oct 31, 2023

If your SD card is not showing up in Finder, you can first try removing it from the card reader, restarting your Mac, and then putting the card back. Or you can make sure the Show External Disks is enabled in Finder. But as a reminder, abrupt unplugging may corrupt your SD card again, and the two tips can help you somehow only when the SD card itself is not corrupted. 

But there are chances that your SD card is actually intact, but your files are all lost, so it seems like your SD card is not showing. To recover your lost data from your SD card, we recommend you use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac Pro.

You can download this data recovery tool and follow the steps below to recover data from your SD card:

Step 1. Firstly, you should carefully connect your SD card to your Mac. Open EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac Pro by clicking its icon.

Step 2. Find "SD Card Recovery" in the interface and find your SD card that is not showing up. Click "Search for lost files".

Step 3. When the scanning is finished, all found files will be presented in the left panel. You can filter them by file type.

Step 4. Now, you can preview the selected files. Click "Recover" to start the process and save them in a safe location.

If the SD card is not showing up in Finder, you can put it back into the camera or GoPro where you originally inserted it. If you can view the photos or files there, there may be something wrong with your card reader. It is also advised to restart your Mac in safe mode and connect the SD card again.

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