How to Recover Deleted 3GP Video Files

Hey, yesterday I made a short film for my friend's birthday. But after I cleaned the storage on my PC, I could not find it anymore. I doubt that I unintentionally deleted it. Is there any way to recover 3GP video files? Thank you in advance.

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Finley· Answered on Jan 16, 2024

3GP is a video format that can usually be seen on mobile phones, for it is convenient to share, view, and download on mobile devices. It is a simplified version of MP4, often stored on mobile phones, SD cards, or personal computers. 

Though easy to use, 3GP files may get lost because of unintentional deletion. If you ever lost your 3GP videos, you can recover them by using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro.

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You can have a try using the steps below to recover deleted videos:

Step 1. OpenEaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and go to the location where you deleted videos. Now, click "Scan" to find the lost videos.

Step 2. When the scanning is finished, select "Videos". Go to "Lost" to find the videos you want to recover. Select the videos and click "Preview".

Step 3. After reviewing the photos, choose "Recover" and store them in another location on your devices.

You can also check your File History of Mac Trash according to the devices you are currently running. But it won't work if you have the habit of periodically cleaning your PC.

Anyway, it is possible to recover accidentally deleted videos or even recover permanently deleted videos. However, the success rate depends largely on many factors. You should make sure that you stop using the device that has just lost files to avoid overwriting the data. And once your video files are gone, you need to start the recovery process as soon as possible to maximize the odds of success. 

If you cease to use your computer once you find your videos are deleted, you did a great job. And now, try EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro to get your memory back.

Use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to recover deleted or lost files easily and quickly.

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