Fix Error Code 10004 Zoom | 6 Easy Tips

When the Zoom app cannot connect to its servers for updates, it results in error code 10004. Because of the app's usefulness, many people need to fix this error code 10004 Zoom issue and resume their activities as soon as possible. Let us discuss the simple tips that will support Zoom and help you fix the problem.

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The Zoom app has become one of the most widely used Office software applications, especially during the pandemic. It is still a popular online office tool that eases our lives. But what if you have encountered error code 10004 Zoom when using it? This post from EaseUS will help you solve this error. Read to the end to get all you need for this error!

Method 1. Check Your System to Fix Error Code 10004 Zoom 

Verifying the current state of your Zoom app service is crucial since you need to determine what exactly is causing the problem. Even if you discover that Zoom services are operating normally, your system can have issues. These few easy steps are enough to check the service status. 

Step 1. Launch Google Chrome or any other browser you prefer.

Step 2. Click "Enter" after typing in the search bar. 

Step 3. The message "All systems are operational" will appear if all Zoom server features and systems operate as intended.

all systems operationall

Step 4. To confirm that the organization is not experiencing any problems, scroll down to check the various drop-down choices, including "Zoom Support" and "Zoom Meetings." To view the status, click the "+" button. 

Method 2. Pass through the Windows Defender Firewall to Fix Error 10004 

The second step should be to verify that your Windows firewall configuration permits Zoom video conferences. Here's what to do if Zoom isn't allowed to turn off Firewall in Windows:

Step 1. Open "Run" by pressing Windows+R, or you can try searching for it by entering run into the search box.

Step 2. Click "OK" after entering the firewall.cpl In the box. 

Step 3. Select "Change settings" after selecting "Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall."

choose change settings

Step 4. Locate "Zoom Video Conference" and check the "Public" and "Private" checkboxes.

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Method 3. Fix Error Code 10004 by Checking Zoom Server Status

You should visit the official website to verify the service status if you are experiencing the error code 10004 Zoom because you could get some useful information by seeing how this service is doing. This process can assist you in determining if the Zoom application of your PC or the firm causes the issue.

Step 1. Open any browser that you use. 

Step 2. Type into the search field and press "Enter" to go to the company's service status page. 

Step 3. The message "All Systems Operational" will appear if all of the app's systems and features operate as intended.

Step 4. To confirm that the corporation is not experiencing an error code 10004 Zoom problem, scroll down to check the many dropdown menus, such as "Zoom Support" and "Zoom Meetings." Click the '+' button beside the category to view the status.

all systems operationall

Look for any alert that might appear in a red font color as you scroll down, but if every system functions properly and is in an operational state, then the Zoom servers are not the source of the 10004 problems.  

Method 4. Update Zoom to Get Rid of Error Code 10004 Zoom 

You can only update the Zoom client on your own if you are having trouble opening the application after installing Zoom. Sometimes, issues occur when an out-of-date program is used, so be sure that the edition you employ is the most recent. If there are modifications available, you can download them by visiting the app store and follow these instructions:

Step 1. Launch the Zoom application on your PC.  

Step 2. Locate and click on your Zoom profile symbol in the upper-right area of your screen.

Step 3. After that, select "Check for Updates" to see if any updates are available.

opt for check for updates

Step 4. Select "Install" and update the Zoom if any new updates are available. 

This method is also workable when the video is not working on Zoom.

Method 5. Clear Zoom Cache and Cookies to Solve Error Code 10004 Zoom 

Causes of malfunctioning Zoom include faulty cookies and storage files, incorrect codes, and connectivity difficulties. This error can be resolved by cleaning your device's cache and cookies in Zoom. The steps are the following:

Step 1. If your Zoom app is open, quit it and then open "Run".

Step 2. Enter AppData and choose "OK."

type appdata and ok

Step 3. Open the "Zoom" folder. 

Step 4. Locate and remove the "data" folder from within the "Zoom" folder.

Step 5. After finishing, re-launch Zoom once more.

Did you follow the above-mentioned steps and successfully solve error code 10004 Zoom? If so, share your solution on social media to assist those struggling with similar problems and desperately seeking help.  


Method 6. Reinstall Zoom to Troubleshoot Error Code 10004 Zoom 

This will eliminate any corrupted files or misconfigured properties that might have triggered this error message, so try reinstalling Zoom if none of the other mentioned repairs work. These are the steps to follow:

Step 1. To access the Control Panel, click on the "Start" menu.

Step 2. You will find that "Uninstall a program" is under "Programs."

Step 3. Locate "Zoom" in the list and select it with a right-click.

Step 4. Proceed to choose "Uninstall."

uninstall zoom

Step 5. Zoom can be reinstalled on the system by visiting the Zoom website and downloading the program again.

Bonus Tips: How to Fix Corrupted Videos in Zoom 

If you need to resolve the error code 10004 Zoom effortlessly, the EaseUS Fixo Video Repair program might be highly useful.

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FAQs on Zoom Error Code 10004

These are the FAQs to consider to understand the topic better:

1. How do I fix error code 10004 on Zoom?

As a few solutions to issue number 10004 Zoom, you can check your Windows Defender firewall configurations, confirm the Zoom server is operating properly, upgrade the Zoom program, clear the Zoom cache, and restart Zoom.

2. How do I fix the Zoom error?

As we have already mentioned, you can fix Windows Defender firewall settings, check Zoom server status, reinstall the app, and clear the Zoom cache to fix Zoom errors. However, a few regular maintenance steps, such as updating Zoom frequently, learning about the system requirements, having a reliable internet connection, updating the operating system, etc., will help you avoid Zoom error issues.   

3. What is error code 104114 on Zoom?

Error number 104114 indicates that Zoom's servers and your device cannot connect. Certain fixes can resolve this problem. Ensure your antivirus program isn't messing with your connection, verify your internet environments, and ask a network manager to verify the configurations for your firewall and proxies.


Numerous individuals have encountered the error code 10004 Zoom, but most are uninformed about the exact origin of the problem. This specific error typically appears during Zoom audio and video chats and is caused by a client connection issue to the Zoom servers. The fixes for this issue usually include checking for server problems, firewall restrictions, auto-update failures, etc., and when applied correctly, they solve the problem.

However, if you see no improvement even after using all the tips we have mentioned, you may seek help from the EaseUS Fixo Video Repair software, which will effectively resolve the frustrating problem. 

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