How to Restore chat.db with Time Machine

I accidentally deleted an important Message conversation, so I restored it with Time Machine to a version from a couple of hours ago. The recovery process seems to work, and I get a new chat.db with the date of the one from before I accidentally deleted this conversation. Now, when I click each conversation in the left column each of them disappears as I click them. What can I do to restore them?

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Finley· Answered on Jan 04, 2024

iMessage are sometimes precious memories or important proof when needed, but you may delete them intentionally or unintentionally. First, You need to figure out if you use the right way to restore the messages you want because the wrong method of recovering may also threaten to corrupt your data. You need to follow the steps below to restore chat.db with Time Machine:

  • Find and click the Time Machine icon from the top menu and choose "Browser Time Machine Backups"
  • Choose a Time Machine that stores a history file by filtering the date and time. Click "Restore" to get the file you want from the Time Machine backup

You can only restore the messages when you have enabled the Time Machine backup before. If you forget to turn it on, your restored messages are lost, or missing some essential parts. You can use EaseUS Data Recovery for Mac to help you recover chat.db files on Mac like this:

Step 1. Select where your messages are stored and search for your lost files on your Mac. Click "Search for lost files" to start searching.

Step 2. Once you choose the location and click the button, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac will automatically scan your lost files until it find them.

Step 3. Once you find the files you want to recover, click "Recover" to get them back and save them to another location.

Use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to recover deleted or lost files easily and quickly.

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