4 Ways to Solve Zip File Structure Invalid

Have you ever encountered the Zip file structure invalid when you try opening or extracting data from your Zip file? If you do, you have successfully come to the right place for this post, saving you time.

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Users often utilize Zip format to store their files of great volume, which is often used to store software. These compressed files can really save space and time, so they are everywhere. However, it is not perfect because you may encounter some errors like Zip file structure invalid when dealing with it. But there is always a way out. You may find solutions in this post.

Method 1. Use Another Compression Software

This is a really quick fix, but it was reported successful after trying. You can use open-source third-party software like 7-zip when receiving Zip file structure invalid:

Step 1. Download and install 7-zip from the website.

Step 2. Open the installer and follow the instructions to install it.

Step 3. Once the installation is done, use this 7-zip to finish your process.

🪄You can refer to this post when you find issues using 7-zip:

7 zip data error fix

7-Zip Data Error Fix (4 Methods)

Effective solutions are provided here, follow the steps below to fix the error and recover data with EaseUS data recovery software. Read more >>

Method 2. Reinstall the Compression Client

The compression client may also hinder the way. In this case, you just need to reinstall the compression client to solve this invalid error. Here are the detailed steps:

Step 1. Hold Windows + R to launch Run. Type appwiz.cpl and hit Enter.

type the command

Step 2. When the new window appears, scroll down the list and uninstall the decompression App that has the error. It may be WinZip,7-zip, or WinRar.

uninstall the compression tool

Step 3. When the uninstalling process is over, download the latest version of the decompression clients. Now, try extracting your file again.

Method 3. Run CMD to Repair Invalid Zip Files

You can run CMD to repair your invalid Zip files and solve this Zip error like this:

Step 1. Open the Command Prompt by right-click the Start menu and choose Command Prompt.

Step 2. Change the directories to where your current Zip files are stored.

Step 3. Type C:\Program files\WinZip\wzzip¨-yf zipfile.zip and press Enter.

type the command and press enter

Pro Tips: How to Repair Corrupted Zip Files

Besides the error messages like invalid Zip file structure, you may also face the Zip file corruption. So what to do with it? EaseUS Fixo File Repair would come to the rescue.

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This document repair tool can perfectly mend your corrupted Zip files and Office files. This file repair software can handle almost all document errors perfectly, like Office issues you may encounter when you work or take part in group work. For example, PowerPoint cannot play media; PowerPoint found a problem with the content, Excel stuck at opening files 0% and more. It may also help you when you try to open a password-protected Zip file. Download and try it now if you are facing the problems:

Step 1. Download and launch EaseUS Fixo File Repair on your PC. Choose "File Repair" to repair corrupted Zip files. Click "Add Files" to select corrupted Zip files browsing from your folders.

add corrupted zip files

Step 2. To repair multiple Zip files at once, you can click the "Repair All" button. If you want to repair a single one, move your pointer to the targeted file and choose "Repair". You can also preview the Zip file by clicking the eye icon.

add corrupted zip files

Step 3. Click "Save" to save a selected file. You can also select "Save All" to save all the repaired files. After that, choose "View Repaired" to see the saving destination of the repaired Zip files.

add corrupted zip files

FAQs on Zip File Structure Invalid

Here are some frequently asked questions on Zip file structure invalid:

1. How do I fix invalid zip file format?

There are many workable ways:

  • Reinstall your file compression tool
  • Run file and folder troubleshooter
  • Repair corrupted Zip file
  • Update your operating system

2. Why is my zip folder showing invalid?

There are chances that your Zip file is corrupted because of a virus attack or because it is downloaded improperly from the Internet. But the main reason is that your Zip files are damaged.

3. Why is my zip file not uploading?

There may be a restriction with your browser that you are trying to upload your Zip files to. You can easily change to another browser to see what happens.

Bottom Line

There are many reasons leading to this Zip file structure invalid error, improper download, outdated compression tool, corrupted Zip file or more. You can fix this by utilizing another compression software, reinstalling the compression client, and running CMD. Once your Zip file gets corrupted, use EaseUS Fixo File Repair for help. Do it now!

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