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7-Zip Data Error Fix

Updated on Dec 28, 2018 by Brithny to Data Recovery Solution


Every time you try to open your extract your files with 7-zip, there is always a data error shows up:"the archive is corrupted". Follow this page to fix 7-Zip data error right now!

7-Zip data error shows up!

To transfer files quickly and easily on the internet, we often compress files using 7-Zip. However, 7-Zip data error shows up like this:

"I am having trouble extracting nearly all the files in a 7-zip file that I compressed several months ago.  When I try to extract the files, only 2 out of the 11 files are extracted and an error message pops up saying:
7-Zip: Diagnostic messages:
Data error in 'File Name.' The file is broken! How can I fix this data error and get the lost files back

7-Zip data error fix

It is really bothering to be faced with this kind of situation. To fix this data error we have two solutions:

Method 1. Check the virus and redownload an extraction tool

The 7-zip data error at the very beginning results from viruses infection and many people are eager to know how to fix this error. 

First, use your antivirus software like AVG antivirus, quick heal or Norton to scan your computer and get rid of the virus!

Second, go to 7-Zip official website to download the tool again. (Before you download it, you must uninstall the old one) In this way, you can try again to see whether the data error shows up or not? If you want to recover the lost 7-Zip file, you must read on.

Method 2. 7-Zip data error recovery

Nothing becomes difficult until EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard comes to help. This file recovery software can well support 7-Zip data recovery on all Windows platforms including Windows 10/8.1/8/7, meanwhile, supports hundreds of file formats recovery
Therefore, you can easily recover the lost 7-zip file by following the three steps.

1. Download and install EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard on your computer.

2. Use the data recovery tool to search for and recover your lost data.

  • Choose a storage location or a specific folder where your data was lost and then click the Scan button.
select a location and click scan
  • When the scan is complete, locate the recoverable files or folders from the list of scan results.
scan lost data
  • Select files and then click the Recover button. When choosing a location to save the recovered data, you should not use the original drive.
select wanted data and click recover