EaseUS Data Recovery Tutorial with Serial Key/Torrent

If you are looking for a reliable way to fully restore lost pictures, documents, videos and any type of data on a PC or Mac, read this easy yet effective data recovery tutorial. Get the professional EaseUS data recovery software serial key or torrent for a half price by following this tutorial.

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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard works as the ultimate data recovery solution for home users, office workers, and business users. It is able to recover lost, deleted, formatted and inaccessible data from multiple storage devices, such as a hard drive, external HDD, flash drive, memory card, and digital cameras. It always plays a key role in various data loss scenarios, which makes it essential for retrieving photos, documents, music, videos, emails, folders, and archive files etc from Windows laptops and desktop computers.

  • Name: EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard
  • Size: 40.4MB
  • Supported OS: Windows 10/8.1/8/XP/Visa and macOS 10.14 - OS X 10.6
  • Activation: No license is required for the free version; half-price license code for a full version

Get copyrighted data recovery serial key/torrent to protect your data and rights

You may feel helpless when accidentally lost data on your storage devices, PCs or even tablets. But now, when you got important data lost, you may easily get wanted solutions online by searching 'data recovery solution' or 'data recovery software'. However, as a professional data recovery producer, EaseUS software suggests that no matter which data recovery software you choose to help yourself, use the copyrighted data recovery software. 

Why is that? Pirated or cracked data recovery software or solutions can cause unexpected yet serious problems that destroy your PC and make data unrecoverable!

And the most commonplace three are about a system crash, data corruption and privacy leak/economic loss, EaseUS software provides copyrighted data recovery serial key/torrent for you to protect your data and rights to save money on a tight budget!

1. Cost-free| EaseUS data recovery software to retrieve 2GB files for free

Go and visit the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free page, you will easily get it for retrieving 2GB files for free. Or simply click the below download button for an instant download and install.

2. Half-price| EaseUS data recovery professional for unlimited files

If you want to retrieve unlimited data with the copyrighted data recovery serial key/torrent, EaseUS software makes it possible, too. You can get a copyrighted serial key of the EaseUS Data Recovery Professional by a half price.

Download EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and click 50% discount for EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to purchase this copyrighted data recovery serial key/torrent right away. Customers using this version are entitled with the 24*7 online data recovery service from the technical group.

EaseUS data recovery tutorial

Since you've got the copyrighted data recovery serial key/torrent of EaseUS data recovery software, feel free to perform the data recovery job by following this data recovery tutorial. Let's see how to recover everything with the powerful software with simple steps.

Important - When data loss happens, stop using the storage devices or PC immediately to avoid data overwriting. 

1. Download and install EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard on your computer.

2. Use the data recovery tool to search for and recover your lost data.

  • Choose a storage location or a specific folder where your data was lost and then click the Scan button.
select a location and click scan
  • When the scan is complete, locate the recoverable files or folders from the list of scan results.
scan lost data
  • Select files and then click the Recover button. When choosing a location to save the recovered data, you should not use the original drive.
select wanted data and click recover



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Frequently Asked Qusetions

Windows · Mac
1. Why cannot I recover 2GB data for free?

It is recommended to check the version installed is Free or Trial because they are different versions.

Trial has data preview function but cannot save any files, while the Free version enables to recover 2 GB files. The default free space is 500 MB and you may share the product on social media to get another 1.5 GB.

2. Why cannot the recovered files be opened?

A file is saved as 2 parts on the storage device: directory info (which is comprised by file name, time stamp and size info, etc.) and data content.

If the files with original file names and folder structures cannot be opened, one possible reason is the corrupted directory info. There is still a chance to recover the data content with the RAW Recovery method in our software.

3. Why isn't it suggested to recover the files back to the original drive?

The storage structure of the lost files would be altered or damaged by any changes on the drive. If you save the recovered files back to the same drive, the original data structures and data content would be corrupted or overwritten, which causes permanent data loss. So you should prepare another disk to save the files.

4. How can I check whether my data is recoverable or not before purchase?

The Free version helps you save 2GB files to better verify the recovery quality of our product before purchase.

5. How long does it take to scan the drive?

It strongly depends on the capacity of your hard drive and the performance of your computer. As reference,most drive recoveries can be completed in around 10 to 12 hours for a 1-TB healthy hard drive in general conditions.

Put the lost files back into your hands in only 3 steps. Don't wait as your files won't.

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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can easily recover deleted, formatted or lost data from your PC and conventinal storage devices.