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The Zip files online contain important files and info is often encrypted, and users may sometimes forget the password. What to do when you forget the password? This post will look at the methods that help you open password protected Zip file (using 7-Zip, WinRAR, WinZip) with or without a password.

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  • How to open your password-protected Zip file with a password
  • How to open your password-protected Zip file without a password
  • What to do when your Zip file gets corrupted

I have sent myself a newspaper, and it came in a password-protected Zip file. When I am about to extract the file, I received a dialog asking for the password. But it only appears for a few seconds that I have no time to enter the required password. How do I access the file? - Report from Microsoft Community

To Cherish the fruits of one's labor, content creator always encrypt their files and only share them with those who have their permission. Users like you may have a password to protect your files or store something secret here. But what if you forget the password? This post from EaseUS may help you open password protected Zip file with or without a password.

How to Extract Password Protected Zip Files with Password

If you have a password but have no idea how to open the encrypted files, the following two methods may help:

📌How to open password protected 7-Zip file:

7-Zip is an open-source data compression utility. To open your encrypted Zip in 7-Zip, just enter the correct password and click "OK".

open zip file with 7 zip

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📌How to open password protected WinRAR file:

It can work with WinRAR, one of the most common tools designed for Zip files that can also open Zip files. You can follow the steps here if you want to open the Zip file with WinRAR:

Step 1. Open the protected file in WinRAR and enter your password.

Step 2. Then, set an extraction path option for your file by clicking "Extract To".

Step 3.  You can start the extraction process now.

clcik extrct to

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📌How to open password protected WinZip file:

If you want to extract the password-protected Zip file in WinZip, that would be easy for you just need to open the file in the normal way and enter the password. Then, you can open and extract it.

open file in winzip

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How to Open Encrypted Zip File without Password

If you have lost or forgotten your password, do not panic; you can also open your Zip file without a special code.

Method 1. Open the Encrypted Zip File with the Command Prompt

Fear not, if you have lost your password, you can first try to open your Zip file with CMD to open password protected Zip file:

Step 1. Download the John the Ripper from its official website and extract your Zip file ( it is an open-source tool, so feel free to install it).

john the ripper

Step 2. After extracting, open the file or folder, and you will see a run folder.

Step 3. Copy and paste the locked file and launch Command Prompt by typing its name in the search bar.

Step 4. Type the commands one after one

cd desktop, cd john180j1w, cd run, zip2john.exe {your file's name}> hash.txt, John.exe {your file's name} hash.txt.

Then, the password will show, and you can use any of the above methods to open the Zip file.

type the command one by one

💡Notice: "{}" are not included in the command; they are just for your reference. 

Method 2. Use Notepad to Open Your Password-Protected Zip File

Surprisingly, the built-in tool can help you open password-protected Zip files besides taking notes. You can utilize Notepad to open a password-protected Zip file.

💡Note: You may need to install a Notepad if you run macOS or Linux.

Step 1. Right-click the file you want to open. In the "Open with" section, choose "Notepad". If there is no Notepad option in the menu, click "Choose another app" and choose "Notepad".

choose another app

Step 2. Once the Notepad window appears, choose "Edit" from the top menu and click "Replace".

click replace

Step 3. Use "5³tà'" to replace "Ûtà". Press the "Replace All" button to start the process.

Step 4. Now, you can close the Notepad and open your password-protected files. If this way works, you can access your file without the passcode.

Pro Tips: What to Do When Locked Zip Files Get Corrupted

You may encounter file corruption if you work a lot with Zip files. What do you do when the Zip files get corrupted? If you have no idea, use EaseUS Fixo File Repair for help. 

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This file repair software can help you repair corrupted files like Office documents on Mac and Windows and solve common cases like Excel stuck at opening file 0%, PowerPoint crashing, or Word experiencing an error trying to open the file. This file repair tool is also a great corrupted video and photo saver; it can perform MP4 repair, JPEG repair, and more to regain your precious memory. It can also deal with corrupted and invalid Zip files. Click the button above to download and mend your damaged Zip files in a few clicks if you open a password-protected Zip file but only to find it is corrupted.

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FAQs on How to Open Password Protected Zip File

Here are some frequently asked questions to help you better solve this error:

1. Is it possible to open password protected zip?

Sure. You are likely to open them with or even without a password. You can open your files with the help of compression tools like WinRAR and WinZip. 

2. How do I open a password protected Zip file in Windows 10?

To open a password-protected Zip file, consult software like John the Ripper or use the built-in utility Notepad to help you with it.

3. How do you unzip a Zip file encrypted?

It depends on what tool you plan to apply when you unzip the file on Windows. But the basic steps are the same whether you are using WinRAR, WinZip, or 7-Zip. You need first to open your files and enter the password. To open the blocked Zip files without a password, you can try some password crackers or use Notepad.


This guide looks at how to open password protected Zip files with or without a password. You can choose from different methods according to the compression tool you use. If you forget your passport, opening the file you want to extract is also possible. Once your Zip files get damaged, consider using professional and reliable file repair tools like EaseUS Fixo File Repair for help.

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